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    Feedback Thread

    I played a few hours of Project Argo, and I gotta say, I like it a lot. It's got a lot of potential to break the barrier between full-on military sim and casual FPS. I didn't see any guides out there explaining the basics of Project Argo, so I spent some time editing my gameplay footage into a little "how to" guide. Check it out, maybe show it to a friend if you want to get them interested in playing. I still need to put in more hours, but I'll be back here with constructive criticism as soon as possible!
  2. gunstarpocket

    BI unannounced game (VR)

    I often dream about DayZ in VR
  3. gunstarpocket

    BattleEye blocking UTVideo Codec for DXTory

    I'm also having this issue - any word if BattlEye will allow this codec in the future?