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  1. Squad name:- Havoc Company Timezone/location : GMT Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): COOP Contact email: mail@havoc-company.com Website address: www.havoc-company.com Short description: When playing, we strive to promote teamwork and tactics, but we are always careful not to limit ingenuity and initiative. What does this mean? It simply means that although we use military tactics, we do not follow them to the letter and actually encourage imagination when planing. The result of this is a relaxed atmosphere in which everyone can contribute. It is something of which we are very proud. Language: English
  2. Hi All, Looking for a unit to add realism. I have around 50 playing hours in a multiplayer environment looking to add more tactical and structure to my arma career. Skills : Helicopter (troop/gun) , sniper Availability : With notice for ops I will be generally available. Looking for: To provide support for troops in an air helo role. But mainly looking for a unit that has regular scheduled missions. And to connect with players. Offering: My time, my skill (software developer) and can donate monthly for server costs