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  1. I've tried searching but not even the forums can help me with this issue, plus demanding is a strong word there, not sure where you got that from. As I do not know how big the scope is for implementing an animation into the eden editor, this could be hindsight that there needs to be a stickied tutorial created by the wizards who use the software, that way the learning curve and explanation (which I find a lot lack there of) to implement modding much easier and simpler. Maybe I should create a separate topic however I don't think this will succeed my goals, for what it could be worth.
  2. I was asking how to actually do this, step by step, what you left here was another vague trail to follow as I've found everywhere else. Not be rude but this keeps giving me dead ends on getting the eden editor to use my animations. Steps include: 1. How to implement animation(s) into eden editor via "Do I need to be a specific format?" "Where do I put the files?" "What's this config.cpp and what do I do with it?" 2. How to initiate said animation(s) in the eden editor via "How do I run my animation(s)?" I'm not some veteran that uses arma software daily, so please don't expect me to 'get' what your saying like all of you wizards.
  3. Hey all, I've recently started animating and would like to use my animations in the eden editor, however I am rather lacking the knowledge on how to put it in there, I've searched for this but there are non-definitive methods on how to go about this. Is there a comprehensive how-to for this? I'm currently at the *.rtm stage, do I need to make a *.pbo for this? If so how to I do it? How do I initiate my animation within the eden editor? I thank you all in advance as I've been stuck on this for a while now.