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  1. We have had the same results with the 2.28 AI WEST takistan version. anytime we replace the units with ALIENZ the Main target will not trigger complete. Suppose now it would be great to find a way to change the trigger and either manually trigger the next target or have it recognize the ALIENZ units. Have found a few interesting files: x_server\X_target_clear.sqf x_server\X_creatnexttarget.sgf Does anyone know how to modify the trigger and where exactly s the trigger for the main target? Sincerely, respectfully, regards
  2. Woah.. an ama 2 active thread. A rarity indeed! Does anyone know about the arma 2 ALIENZ mod? We are trying to convert the domination 2.11 and 2.28 maps and change the EAST side units to ALIENZ Zetaborn faction units. Every time we go in the domination I_server.sqf and replace the enemy units with Zetaborn units the server seems to work but some triggers wont work, rendering the server useless. Example: After capturing the MAIN TARGET the game/server does not trigger from red main target to green main target. If it does work, then after a few main target have successfully been captured on the 3rd or 4th Maine target we are unable to capture the camps! inside the Camp a bar appears on the screen notifier of capture progress. The bar gets smaller instead of bigger -_- ... So we figured just having a replace config mod would do the trick. suggested by @Bushlurker the creator of the santa replace config. Question is ... how to make a replace config? so that we can replace ALL of the EAST Units with Zetaborn ALIENZ faction. and is it possible if by default they are green faction? Sincerely, respectfully, regards.
  3. I humbly accept the role and reserve the right to revive this wonderful thread. Sure ArmA 2 combine ops with the DLCs may be an older game.. but many still play it. 1st thank you @bushlurkerfor creating this thread. :) 2nd many thanks to those whom have contributed. I am part of an online community which has been working on converting the Domination 2.11(chernarus) and 2.28 (takistan). It has been a project for over 4 years, but recently we have clocked over 220hrs within the last 2 months attempting to replace the OPFOR/EAST side with new mod faction ALIENZ . Sadly when we go in the i_server.cfg and try out the game. it seems to work at first but then the mission will not trigger and we are either stuck on a Main target (even though its been cleared) and or the camps will not capture. The capture bar gets smaller instead of bigger after taking the time of doing much research we have found a few possible solutions. edit the mod ALIANZ and make the faction east sadly we don't know how to even after editing the .bin file errors came up and failed to render in game. reskin the EAST faction ya no.... and then we found out we could just make a Replacement Config !!!!!! thIS IS GREAT! Question now is HOW? I have downloaded the santa replace config mod and have opened the PBOs. Noticved i see alot of config.bin(s) I have yet to open these but its evident we can assume its a REDIRECT to the Santa Models. Assistance would be most appreciated. This post may be updated with future findings. Sincerely, respectfully, regards.
  4. @Mirek Yeh... its a settings things under "Parameters" just before u launch the server if ur using client. Otherwise its possible to change the default values under "description.ext" file. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ To whom it may concern. Hello and thank you for reading this post. Be advised although this thread may be old. "In good faith" I post on behalf of the community I'm part of. Revival of this thread imminent. We use "co40_Domination_2_11A2_West.Chernarus.pbo" & sometimes the AI version. - If there is an updated version of this please advise. Due note: Going around killing people both in real life and in game .. well just doesn't suit everyone's taste. Thus we seek help from those whom have experience with modding DOMINATION 2 on the Chernaus map. Although its a map that is not often used we figured an alien invasion (instead of Russian take over) seemed far more suitable. Going in as liberators both as West & East to LIBERATE the civilians from an unknown enemy has proven to be rewarding in its own way. If shooting is going to happen, we would rather shoot Zetaborn (fictional creation) instead of some "local"s, "Forester"s, "farmer"s, "gamekeeper"s, "woodman"s, & "villagers" defending their home land (see file i_server.sqf line 159). Though, here comes why the thread is being revived. We have a few recurring issues that prevent domination from proceeding. Server: - Arma 2 Combined operations - PMC, BAF, ACR - CBA: CO, jayarma2lib, AlienZ mod v1.1 "co40_Domination_2_11A2_West.Chernarus.pbo" Replacing east units with Alien units works for about 2 cities and either on the 3rd or 4rth city the "camps" which need to be captured don't work. - To be precise normally capturing a camp requires a friendly unit to stay in the camp for a period of time. The GUI shows a bar filling up from left to right. -- In this particular situation the bar gets smaller instead of bigger. ---Thus unable to proceed to next city even after clearing out MTsidequests. "co40_Domination_2_11A2_West_AI.Chernarus.pbo" Replacing east units with Alien units the mission does not recognize that we took over everything and completed MTsidequest. - To be precise the city we try to take over does not trigger and we are stuck on the 1st city. Attempt to resolve the issue: Have tried to replace east units with alienz one at a time. We have found up to what point in each version where the mission stops responding. I can post the change logs and the files that have been modded. Please advise. Considered changing the AlienZ mod and making the units SIDE=EAST After changing the config.bin into PAA unable to successfully convert back into .bin due to errors. Results game does not even show the alienz in editor. Reverted to original version of the mod. Sincerely, Respectfully, regards. Many thanks in advance. :)