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  1. SteveTheCruel

    Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

    This mod is just amazing! When it gets to the state where it has sounds and even more details fixed, ohh.. So we are running this mod on our A3 Exile Tanoa server, and it work so far (for admins :P). We have reached out to infistar through the Exile forums, awaiting answer on a problem with players getting kicked when entering a train. This due to infistar´s old: checkHiddenObjects = true; The problem has something todo with the player beeing inside a "invisible object". Still waiting for an answer for this, but if someone else already got it. Feel free to share it with us :)
  2. SteveTheCruel

    Full screen NV

    Well this is the original file. I need the file working on Arma 1.62. And guy960915 claims to have updated the mod to work on 1.62 of arma. But the file he links to is a bad download link.
  3. SteveTheCruel

    Full screen NV

    Awesome if you actually got this working. But please use a decent upload service for the edited file. anafile is just a pile of crap, spam and viruses. So i recommend pepole to not click this link. It will take you to a download page, and after waiting it will just say that your download link will be avaliable within the next 8 hours :P Please re-upload to a more decent service mate :)