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  1. Hi Thought i would post, i started playing strategy, after about 2-3 weeks playing, about 1-2 hours per day, game is completed, sunk the enemy carrier and had taken all enemy islands back. Compared to the original (1988?) it wasnt bad, the game play appears to be there, i only had 2 crashes and that was on Vulcan with the torpedo turret to the right of the control center. It appears once you complete it, even though you select to continue game, it just winds you back 5-10 mins then when you capture last island again it does the same thing, so once you completed the game, you cant visit other islands like i was trying to do. I have a E5-2680 XEON with 64Gb RAM (GTX750ti) with a Intel server chipset (c600 generation). I only bought this game as i liked the original carrier command, other than that ive never played games before, Many Thanks
  2. Strategy The tabs have turned up, took 6 playing days..... not sure why they took so long.. there on there now though.... Thanks
  3. SFX Group

    One and a half years in beta

    I have PC version 1.6, no crashes yet...., there are some minor issues ive seen (like the carrier on the MAP doesn't update its rotation when doing it manually). I'm not really totally feeling the game play like the Atari version, however its not too bad (i still have the Atari one)
  4. Cant see it (and cant get a screen shot as its Direct X), i only see "set sail" and "close" there are no TABS....
  5. I dont see this option (PC version 1.6)