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  1. Hello guys, I made this mission, but it wont work perfectly. First i had problem with synchronizing units, so they wait until all are at their waypoints and then they will go, i manage to make this but its complicated. secondly i have problem that one of the first two vtols will not move to objective two. Can somebody please take a look into it and tell me how to make it better and foolproof? Just today i found that i need to add this && before triggeractivated in conditions, i will play with this, seems like a way to do it. https://files.fm/u/xgmvur6r#_ mission file here
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    Military Humor

    Oh yea, pretty hillarius stuf inside! ^^
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    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hello, Muff from Czech Republic with 3000 hours on arma 3, goes by to say hello ^^
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    arma 3 has no servers

    Make sure you click servers > internet. Than loads of servers should pop up ! ^^