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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to Arma and I love the idea of bCombat. But I'm having the weird problem where my stamina bar disappears when bComabt is active. I tried finding a solution, but none of the ones I found worked, including "disable/enable stamina bar". I couldn't find any bcombat.sqf file to edit using the suggestion much earlier in this thread, either. Suggestions?
  2. I totally understand a desire to prevent spam. But I'm having some trouble with this rule, as I have questions that I can't find answers to, or even threads that are sort of related that I can hijack. So now I have to basically waste time and space posting nonsense like this in order to hit my quota before I can start a new thread to ask my questions, which are preventing me from playing the game. What's wrong with a strong captcha system that allows people with authenticated email addresses to start a new thread? You could even moderate the first one if you're that afraid of spammers. I can easily see new members like myself adding garbage posts to threads just to get to that sweet sweet "new" button.
  3. Sorry to necro this thread, but I'm new here and can't start a new one yet. This sounds similar to my problem, but the "fix" doesn't really work in my case. When I first got the game I got through the boot camp and the first handful of missions in the campaign. But then I had a weird problem with CBA mod and had to reinstall. Somehow in the process I accidentally messed up my game save, losing a couple mission's worth of progress. I may have reverted to the wrong spot inadvertently. So I used the SHIFT MINUS "campaign" cheat to unlock all missions, then reverted to the one I'd been on (death valley). I finished that mission and when the next mission cutscene played, it was deja vu. I checked the mission list and it had advanced to the next mission in the list, but it was called "Maxwell" and it was the exact same mission as the first Maxwell. I watched the same briefing and was again assigned the blackfoot down mission! I didn't know why it did that, but the only way to get back on track was to again use the campaign unlock cheat and choose the next mission in the list, hit revert, and jump in. But this happens every time I finish a mission now! I never get to see the cutscenes between missions either, cause it'a always the first Maxwell one. Doing the unlock/revert trick skips the in-between cutscenes. Ideas? =======Update======= Bleah, so I've worked my way up to "Signal Lost" and made it halfway through. I saved my game, but there's no "save and exit" option, only an "abort" option in the menu. Mousing over it says it will save and exit, but instead it aborts entirely and seems to have removed my progress. Now I'm back to the stupid campaign list with Maxwell as the last mission available :( I like this game, but I'm growing to hate the way it handles the built-in campaign.