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  1. BuLLeT.ZA

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Hi All! My group have been playing the living daylights out of this mission. Love it! I just wish there was some kind of progression system where you need to earn better weapons / vehicles. The chopper spam was a bit too easy for some people to do. That said, what I'm really after is the ability to download some of the different versions people have made. In particular, Takistan with CUP or RHS would be fantastic. Like I said, I love this mission, but I would really like to try it on other islands.
  2. BuLLeT.ZA

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Agreed with your findings about the armor and the insta-despawns of enemy infantry. We encountered our first armor yesterday in the form of several Shilkas between towns 3 and 4, and a single T72 in town 4, same as you. Have you had any luck with functional FARPs? Another thing we've noticed is that none of the vehicles respawn except the Hummers, and then only if they were abandoned, not destroyed. Armed vehicles don't respawn, and once destroyed, disappear entirely and cannot be repaired. Looking forward to hear from Kolmain.
  3. BuLLeT.ZA

    (Co30) Evolution-A3

    Hi Kolmain Let me start by saying how grateful we are that you revived the Sahrani version of this incredible mission. Thank you! It's fantastic to be able to run around the familiar old area with the familiar old weapons and vehicles. Here is our feedback so far: 1. FARP's seem to be broken. The tent spawns but it doesn't service vehicles, nor can one rearm or access the Arsenal there. 2. Side missions don't spawn, and there doesn't seem to be a way to request them manually. 3. There needs to be a light inside the hangar at base. New spawns literally can't see anything if they join at night. 4. We cleared the first three towns last night and did not encounter any armor at all. No BRDMs, no BMPs, no tanks. We only saw UAZs, trucks, helicopters and jets. Smaller issues: 5. At the rank that you unlock the M24 (Sgt, I think) you don't have access to a marksman sight, only the ACOG. 6. The cleanup script for the unarmed vehicles (Hummers and Littlebirds) seems to be a tad aggressive. Same for the dead bodies. Aside from that, we did not encounter any performance issues. On the contrary, it ran very smoothly. Looking forward to further iterations!