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  1. Still can't figure out why the mission is ending when I capture a zone... also, is the XP system broken right now for the current version of MCC? I am using inidbi, and I can edit the .ini files and MCC will read that, but it is not writing to the files updating the xp or anything. Also, no xp messages from MCC and it is not increasing rating during gameplay (i ran a script in the background to check). Should I just wait until the new release or is there something I can do? Thanks
  2. Shayman, I am making a sector control mission but everytime i capture one of your capture zones it automatically ends the mission. I want to have 5 sectors and I dont want the game to end when just one is captured my code tells to "bleed" tickets. how do I fix this? I believe it is a setting in MCC but I cannot find it must be a init function? Thanks!
  3. Hey I am developing a game mode as well for Arma 3 that uses the Rating. I have everything else done and now im working on the ranking system, but it appears as though my player is not gaining any rating when I kill enemies or complete objectives... did you happen to run into this problem? Ive tested on singleplayer, editor, and dedicated server and still no rating gains.
  4. Hi code34! I'm pretty new to scripting, I'm just finishing my first gamemode and I'm trying to get the database for my server up and running. I can't seem to understand how to actually get inidbi2 running.. I'm using the MCC4 addon for role selection and when I select "enable roles" in the MCC4 module, I get an error message that says "inidb is not running". SO my question is how do I get inidb running? I have it installed server side in my server root folder, and I have added it to my startup parameters in a .par file. Do you have an idea of how to get MCC4 role selection and your awesome inidbi2 to work together? I would reeeeeally appreciate some help, I've been at it for a week now and not getting anywhere :(. Thanks code 34! :)