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  1. Great stuff thank you @Larrow, I'll definitely be using that as a template going forward. Many Thanks, Jay
  2. Hi everyone, Hoping you can help me with something that's probably fairly straightforward. I have an MP mission that is triggered via "destroyartillery.sqf" - essentially, this script creates and assigns a task to players, spawns in 3 artillery units and then checks if they are alive, once destroyed, the task succeeds. I want the spawned artillery to fire, only once the players enter the vicinity (the mission is some distance away and its required for ambience), to do that, I've created a second script "Artyfire.sqf", which forces the artillery once the player enters a trigger area. If I put the artyfire script into the destroyartillery script, it does work, but it fires straight away before the trigger is activated. If I put it into it's own script, and have the script run off a trigger, I get an "undefined variable" error. I assume it's because I'm spawning in wit _name and then trying to call it in a different script? Here's how it should work: 1. Player assigns mission 2. Task asigned via destroyartillery.sqf 3. Artillery spawned 4. Wait until checks to see if they are alive, if they are not, task completes. 5. Players approach the units and enter a trigger area 6. Artyfire.sqf runs to force artillery to fire 7. Once artilery is destroyed, the wait until check in the first script, completes the task. I think there is a simple solution to this but I cant find it - If I put the artyfire script into the first one, it fires straight away. I've tried adding a check for "triggerActivated", but that doesnt seem to work either. DestroyArtillery.sqf ArtyFire Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Jay
  3. k0br4

    Voice Acting [Request]

    I believe you're right, thanks for the advice though. Hopefully someone will be interested :)
  4. k0br4

    Voice Acting [Request]

    Evening all, I'm looking for some volunteers to do some voice acting, there isn't really much to it but it will hopefully add a bit more depth to the mission/campaign. Initially I'll be releasing a Intro mission as part of a larger campaign (WIP). In the first mission, I need 3 voice actors taking on the following roles: Cpl. Jenkins - Driver: Casual conversation while driving through village Lt. Reed - Player: Casual conversation as passenger. Crossroads: Assertive command channel voice, will be used for the Outro. Ideally I'd like 3 people, but if you can change your voice enough then I don't mind. If you're interested, drop me a PM and let me know which one you'd like to do so I can send you the script. As always, you'll be added as a contributor on the workshop and have my eternal gratitude. Additionally, if you're interested, I will probably look to use the same people for the duration of the campaign. Thanks, Jay
  5. k0br4

    [SP] Operation Spillway

    Cool - let me know what you think, feedback really helps!
  6. OPERATION SPILLWAY This is the third mission in the series, following a small SF team sent behind enemy lines. In this mission, you're task is to eliminate an enemy command team in a fortified HQ compound. You're in rugged, elevated and open terrain with a high number of enemies so you'll need to use stealth and concealment to your advantage I'd love to get feedback and ratings (Postiive or Negative) so please let me know what you think. Check out the trailer: https://youtu.be/E5fq20KoHC8 Download on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=710829017 Cheers, Jay
  7. Operation Quickdraw Subscribe now on Steam! CSAT forces have started to establish supply lines on Stratis, particularly in the area around Agia Marina. We believe they're planning on moving into the Air Base within the next couple of days. A small SF team is sent to Stratis to conduct a rapid assault on an enemy supply depot. After a covert insertion, you'll need to move quickly and quietly to get the upper hand. https://youtu.be/071yLfqGQsw This can be played as a Singleplayer or Co-Op missioin. There are 6 roles to choose from: Team Leader Marksman Demo Specialist AT Scout Paramedic x 2 Please let me know if you find any bugs or would like to suggest any improvements, I'm happy to receive your feedback! Many thanks to SICDisaster for his excellent voice overs!
  8. Good afternoon, I'm looking for a couple of volunteers to do some voice acting for a new mission I'm building. There are two roles that need to be voiced: Pilot - Provide fire support then gets hit by AA HQ - Provide ongoing instructions to player Let me know if you're interested and i can provide further details.
  9. k0br4

    User Mission Request Thread

    This is on my list of missions that I want to build in the near future. Would be great to hear any specific ideas you have! Also, I'm looking for a couple volunteers, to do some voice acting for a short mission if anyone is interested?
  10. k0br4

    Enemy Callouts

    I'd also be interested to know if there is a way to remove this feature via Eden.
  11. Just tired this out, only played for a while but it's awesome so far, good job!