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  1. RaptorElite

    Need help in editing/customising Ahoyworld's I&A

    Nevermind that, did a bit tinkering around and it loaded but then the main problem is Actually editing parameters and things, how do I do that?
  2. RaptorElite

    Need help in editing/customising Ahoyworld's I&A

    I mean the parameters, like number of enemy squads, number of enemy vehicles and the like If you know how to, could you explain ina step by step process because for some reason the unpacked pbo, upon opening in Editor says "Cannot load scenario"
  3. So I downloaded the I&A Master folder from http://ia3.ahoyworld.co.uk/ but the problem is that I can't find the instructions as to how to actually configure it according to your own needs, I did try to read the documentation on it on their website but the Doc content itself isnt loading or is just not there Any help would be highly appreciated
  4. So I'm using "this setFlagTexture "media\images\Estonia.jpg";" command in the init line of a white flag but the thing is whenever I host a server , my friends cannot see them ie. the flags are just blank, even though I have given the correct directory they cannot see it at all Can anybody help?
  5. Right so the thing is I set up a multiplayer mission, added 5 Curator modules, added the owners from p1 to p5, synced them all to the Zeus Game Master module, started the game playing as p2 and pressed Y and I don't see anything under the Units and Groups tab but I can add in Markers and Modules Tried it with p1 again and it was normal again I'm using Ares mod for Zeus
  6. I searched for a script or command that could reload all the gear and loadout that I had at the start of an MP game, after I respawned after getting killed. I did get a hit on a weaponrespawn.sqf script *forgot the author* but that script just saved what I had in my vest and uniform, not my backpack, so I'm wondering if anyone would be able to help?
  7. RaptorElite

    Simple ParaDrop Script

    Oh Thanks! It works now! :) Thanks very much for helping me out man! PS Is "Liking" the reply the same as upvoting?
  8. RaptorElite

    Simple ParaDrop Script

    First of all, thank you for taking the time out to help me, it's highly appreciated Secondly, the missions in which I wanted to insert the script were found in C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\Reaper\missions\Third.Altis , I copied the eject.sqf in the Third.Altis *my mission* folder Did i do it correctly? I'd post the screenshot but I really don't know how to , sorry :(
  9. RaptorElite

    Simple ParaDrop Script

    A very noob question sorry but could you tell Where to put the eject.sqf file? Like very specifically, I dont have much knowledge in using scripts, for Arma 3