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    [Resources] How to make a Terrain

    Link is currently redirecting to a rogue security malware site. Suggest this be removed.
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    Eden Feature Requests

    It would be nice if there was a separate video settings menu for the 3D editor. I don't need high quality graphics that rev my fans and tax my system while doing editing. It's rather annoying having to either switch my video settings back and forth when I'm editing vs. when I'm playing. A key shortcut for "Sync To" would also be a nice time saver.
  3. Hello all, new ARMA player here from the recent sale. Loving all the ACE features and especially playing with the equipment. However, I noticed that the MicroDAGR has a field in the main screen for the MGRS GZD and Grid Square. This should also be on the DAGR to the left of the 10 digit reference (image), though it isn't in ACE. The MGRS scripting seems to not be working correctly though, on both Stratis and Altis the Square is shown as 33T XE which is southern Italy: Lemnos (Altis) should be 35T LE and Stratis should be 35S LD. Is this issue happening for everyone else? From looking at a few youtube videos about the MicroDAGR it appears the issue is the same for everyone on Altis/Stratis. A video that looks to be in Chernarus shows 36G TR which is in the middle of the ocean, southeast of the Cape of Good Hope. Was the the MGRS ever functional in ACE? If not, why not just omit the GZD and Square on the MicroDAGR like was done with the DAGR. I found the script for MGRS conversion (@ace\addons\ace_common\z\ace\addons\common\functions\fnc_getMGRSdata.sqf) but I don't yet know enough about ARMA's engine to tell why it isn't working. I first noticed the issue while I was practicing long range sniping with Advanced Ballistics and the ATragMX. For the Target Latitude field, the ACE ATrag seems to default to 38 lat, however Lemnos centers on 39.9 and Stratis on 39.5. It seems like there is no way within ARMA/ACE to get a Lat/Lon position, though both the real DAGR and MicroDAGR have L/L modes accessible via the settings menus. Not only does this break immersion by having to go out of sim to find coords, but isn't a 1.5 to 2 degree disparity enough to affect the coriolis calculations? What level of Lat decimal fidelity does the ATrag accept? What decimal place would ensure accurate coriolis calculation? Hopefully this issue will be noticed and repaired as it seems to be the only major issue standing in the way of seamless long range sniping procedure.