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  1. maximedulude

    Take On Mars Troubleshooting

    I keep having crashes when I play online :
  2. maximedulude

    [Multiplayer bug] Skewed movement

    yeah I get the samething on a fiber connection and this is an easy fix from a programmer standpoint... after first instance of player there must be an iterative variable that fuck things up somehow...
  3. maximedulude

    Horrible multiplayer lag

    IDK if this game is still in developpement or if they just gave up but the multiplayer as direction Keys for other than HOST player inversed. This would be nice to fix... The ping is also a pain : Fiber optic here with 2ms to google.com from canada.... and i'm lagging like crazy ps i got 50/50 nothing else running and my computer is a core i 7 3770 + raid 0 SSD ( the lagg isnt on my part ). Is there anyway you could fix the multiplayer lagg and let the community help u out with design / coding? I would love to add some sand digging + brick factory + plastic baches for air thightness. Hope to be able to host a server on dedicated hardware from my home :) Thank you