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    User Mission Request Thread

    Ahh yes, I remember that one! I'll have a look a little more in depth into that one for the time being thanks
  2. Smitty JagerMan

    User Mission Request Thread

    Hello, I'm posting here because I'm not quite sure where this request would fit best. More looking for general ideas or links pointing in the right direction... Looking for best ideas in how to implement an exclusively SP "scenario" style, open ended, task based search and rescue situation as "side missions" within this SP scenario that has the following criteria... -Search Radius -Chance of Smoke Popping Near Rescue Party -Both Soldier and/or Civilian rescue, groups and individuals (this would ideally get randomized to keep things from feeling repetitive) -Rescue Party could ideally, at times spawn atop roofs in addition to random ground level spawns in various areas -Rescued party joining group upon nearing them -Designated Drop-off area to deliver rescued party to which then initiates "task complete" -After "x" amount of time, This task then repeats itself. Years of experience in server admin and development, yet now that I've gone almost exclusively single player, creating "scenario" style missions for SP makes me sometimes feel like I've got no experience at all XD Looking for suggestions or best places to start with this. I've sat down and begun to write it from the ground up but compared to the relatively simple missions used in the persistent servers I was accustomed to, the task seems.... well, daunting to say the least. And I've seen scenarios between Armaholic and Steam workshop that feature a bit of this but the structure after having a looking at pbo (to me anyway) of how it gets initiated and repeated seems much different from what I'm used to.