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  1. https://dev.withsix.com/issues/75382 Great job, the pesky singleplayer isn't an issue no more. Too bad it's too late to refund Arma 3.
  2. Good campaign, though I have some issues with it, which probably won't ever be resolved, since the author has abandoned the campaign: 1. Some missions are indeed very unbalanced, as some people have already said. Scavenger, Last of Hope, and probably the airport mission are prime examples. 2. Not going to spoil people, but endings are very "meh". 3. Cutscenes seem to drag on, and I think it could've been better if it had less of them overall. Also, grammar. 4. Some unrealistic stuff when it comes to apocalypse: you'll always have your regular M16A2 with 6 mags, way too huge Russian presence, and, of course, nuke explosion distance is too close as well.
  3. Just beat the included campaign. Really liked it, though it went kinda nowhere at the last few missions. Can't wait to see the final 3.0.
  4. So I was doing Mission 3, got into an ambush, and soon Angelina died due to getting a tank shell makeup. Fission mailed. Then the campaign goes on as if I've already completed it. Uh, was that supposed to happen? Kinda nice, to be honest. Campaign and CWR2 are latest versions.
  5. TechNoirMK, 21, Russian, can speak Russian and English. Timezone: UTC+9, free from 00:00 till 14:00 EST. I've been playing OFP and A2CO for about 3 years, but only SP, so I'm not really experienced, especially with ACE2 mechanics. No leadership skills whatsoever, a terrible sniper, an atrocious spotter and a horrendous recon. Can be MG support, rifleman, medic, driver or helicopter pilot. Not sure about AT/AA. I have OFP, A2CO /w all DLC, A3 /w Zeus. I'm currently in Japan, so latency problems will be an issue. Looking for a realistic squad, but not way too much - we shouldn't forget about fun, eh? Don't really care about affiliation. PM if interested, but please notify me in advance about which mods do you use since I don't know a lot of them. Personally, I use ACE2, JSRS 1.5, Unsung Vietnam War and CWR2.