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  1. I also had this issue on a dedicated server I've set up this morning. I don't know if this was happening prior to 1.70 as I wasn't running a server then. I have some basic scripts in the mission and it has a bunch of mods... I can try running a vanilla server and see what happens tomorrow? Local network. Dedicated Server and Client on one box and another client on a separate box. NetServer: trying to send too large non-guaranteed message (1360 bytes long, max 1348 allowed) Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 1875484644 (jerky)
  2. I ran into the issue yesterday where the "Show Model" attribute broke and regardless of being checked or not, the objects would not show. This was after unchecking "Show Model" and having a trigger that would "xxx hideObjectGlobal false" and "xxx enableSimulation true" in the activation and activating the trigger in SP.