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  1. I'll try it out. EDIT: I tried it, it still gave a trace error which did not export the .p3d. (The p3d has a filesize to it, but unable to load it.) I'm starting to think that I'm absolutely exporting this incorrectly.
  2. Yes, the latest version is installed. I even attempted to re-install it, with no solution.
  3. Not entirely sure if this is just me overlooking something super obvious, but... My o2script path is defined, the model is defined as within the Arma Object Properties, but when I attempt to export, I get a couple traceback errors and when I attempt to open the .p3d it is unable to open the file. https://gyazo.com/7664a5beb6e716ee101e1c77d745ce22 Any thoughts? tbh I can't think of anything, lol. Thanks!