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    [SP]SAINT 4-1: Helicopter Pilot Altis

    This is one of my all time favorite missions, I had a lot of fun messing arround with the blackhawk doing Insertions and Exfills in hot zones. SAR misions at dark where very special. Sadly it no longer works that great, An update must have broke some scritps, because there are hostiles spawning in the base like you said in the steam forums, an AA missile flying straight to your face when taking off is no fun :p I hope you would continue your work and release CUP version, just tell me there is a Huey and I am all for it :) I just tried it again and it still works fine, maybe a more recent update unbroke somethings :p
  2. I remember playing this mission in arma 2 and being totally blown away by the sheer quality of it, Waiting in anticipation.
  3. danmannine

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Hero Thanks again for the response. I finally put some time aside and decided to run a dedicated server on my machine haha... I will pm you for some help with setting the @aliveserver in the dedi as I think I am doing something wrong. I tried your Oasis of Marah scenario and this is exactly the kind of mission I was looking! Amazing Work! It really immerses you, a bit hard mainly for the fps issues but thinking if I set correctly the dedi server on my machine I will get more frames. And thanks again for the recomendations, I will try them later but i am fully commited to running Oasis of Marah and this scenario on a dedicated server :) I have other questions mainly for alive server but I hope we can discuss them in the pm i will send you. Again thanks for all your help! PM Send
  4. danmannine

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Hey hero many tanks for the reply! So the way I understand it, alive generates a patrol and everybody is free to engage them? as I say I am really a noob about this alive thing, I tend to play singleplayer only and the persistency thing just doesnt fit my purposes, maybe if there was a way to save the scenario not unlike Antistasi? Where it saves the overall progress of the mission? Anyway I will give a look at it later. You totally got my attention on Oasis of Marah, I am already downloading the required mods :) I have another question for you, in your mission description of Oasis of Marah, you say its very "demanding" and I like to know if is at least not as demanding as your scenario on Sangin, that one ran at the 20-15 fps mark on my system even when going outside of the FOB. I will try and see I guess. What I am looking in terms of scenario is something akin to secops in arma 2, when you where dropped in the middle of an AO and given random task to complete, all in singleplayer because I like to save and leave the scenario at a moments notice because I must constantly attend to other mathers in my day to day. Finally I will like if you could provide resources for optimizing my experience with Arma 3, as singleplayer scenarios does not run too good, even the official ones. For comparision I set the max view distance to 4000 and obj dist to 2000 because i like jets :) and the eye candy all in high as I heard that arma puts more strain in the cpu in medium settings, My system Specs are i5 4690 - 8 gb ram dual - nvidia 1070 and with these settings in the scenario Yet Another Arma Benchmark I average 28 - 27 fps (my guess is good enough). I hope I would not be overwhelming you with all those questions, it is only that I recently found the time to play again arma and all seems new again :P many thanks in advance.
  5. danmannine

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Inshallah [Insurgency]

    Hello Hero I like the theme of your mission, feels very inmersive. I was playing this mission solo and used the generate task part of the alive thingy and set it to opfor, medium distance, set it to my player, and insurgent patrol and a task was created to the other side of the map near the other airfield (forgot the name of the village). Then I enter a helo and request a drop off near the assembly checkpoint. When starting my patrol there was already a frendly element whom engaged the enemies and the mission was completed without me firing a single shot. How do I set the mission to only myself and my ai squad and whitout the intervention of the patrolling frendly ai? I must admit I am a noob in the use of the alive tablet and maybe I took too long to respond or something. All I am asking is tips to get started with this mission and enter a patrol zone or the like, maybe there are no enemies and maybe they are. Please explain a little more how to setup a quick situation without the need to make endless patrols and use the persistence part of alive because its a nightmare to set at least for me.
  6. danmannine

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Hell of a Mission Barbolani! This is the reason I play arma almost every week, its and incredible sp mission to boot too! I will only ask you one request, let the time to enter in undercover mode be15 minutes or less, half and hour to wait doing nothing is too much, or at least make an option in the base to go undercover as long as you are in civilian clothes and witouth visible weapons.
  7. danmannine

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    This is a really good Mission, good job zbug and all involved! I have kind of a request/feature: in commander mode how can you control the ai via the remote control module in zeus? I think the ability to control the ai will be of high value to people that play solo/few players. If I have to edit the mission and this zeus module was disabled, how do I go about changing it so I can only control only my side? Even total control of all units is going to be sufficient for me, I just want a way to control ai pilots so i can simulate deploying my own troops and then taking control of them or making them attack from one position while I control another group flanking the position.