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    Arma 3 Gone

    well kinda late for reply but anyway, every one who lost he's level in KotH can get it back. Join KotH TS or Discord and request account restore. It's knowing problem and they have already a topic for this.. Happend me either and i had to restore my lvl 55. You should also save your profile, you can find it in your documents folder - arma profiles or/and arma other profiles. If you reinstal ARMA on new PC for example, that is how you get back your profile. The same about missions.pbo if you make a mission, make sure you save it on extern hard drive or usb stick or something. Hope you did get it already back mate.
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    Arma Memes...

    please no ban <3
  3. Sleepy Joe

    Arma Memes...

  4. Sleepy Joe

    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    And the great mods we already have.. This sounds like something i am gonna dream about tonight and sleep well..
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    Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    I did think, this would mean the end of Arma 3 cuz no more major updates and so on.. not like we know it from A2.. Then after thinking realy about.. this would mean we could even get much more updates with Third Party DLC. About A3 consumers payment opinions and prices.. WELL i just hope its not gonna be like, each DLC 100$.. I love the prices of BI ARMA, like DLC bundle... I have on steam/uplay/origin many maaaany different games i have played a lot and i just CAN NOT understand people crying about the prices for DLC bundle in Arma 3.. A: you have never played another game?! B: You must be trolling! Cuz with out to talk in details about other gaming company prices (not the thread for) i can tell you to 100% that ARMA and BI at all is/are probably the cheapest out there on the gaming marketing.. You get much more already by buying ARMA 3 then other games without DLC. I mean on steam DLC bundle for Jets/Tanks and so on.. just around 20 $ i have payed and this is amazing cheap.. somewhere else you pay not for the bundle, just for one little s**** dlc about 50$ just like the main game and you get still *****.. My wish as Arma Veteran.. I just hope you guys will make it sure THIRD PARTY DLC will not destroy it, the nice and realy lovely cheap prices about ARMA 3 content THIRD PARTY or not. Also it would be a great idea to get another, lets call it "third party DLC bundle" i would be interested to get. Why to pick one of them if you can support them all and have them all in a bundle?! There is so much content not released yet, i would love to see.. like GPS bullet tracking system..all the cool 007 stuff still not to find in A3 community mods. I was thinking about to make a mod but many ideas and near to no know how about coding and making mods... "how to Arma". Maybe i will see this "007 Undercover agents" utility toys as third party DLC.. *maybe a good idea for some one with know how.. I would buy it instead! BTW would this mean the MAKE ARMA NOT WAR contest stop?
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    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    alright, thanks for the answers you two! Edit: To open eyes should not be that hard job.. But ARMA have so much to offer so you can not see every thing _-_ Just found this.. anyway thanks for the answers!
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    The all new: Ask a moderator about the forum & rules

    Why there is no VBS 1/2/3 talk on this forum? Do i get banned if i talk about? I have read somewhere it's about completly different developer teams. So no VBS talk on this forum?
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    Arma Memes...

    still my mistake when i try to switch single fire shots "F" then pressing G _-_
  9. Sleepy Joe

    Arma Memes...

    My first Meme ever..
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    Veni Vidi Vici Mod beta 1.0

    Who is enjoining this awesome creation in 2017/2018 ? After all the years of (to long and lovely story of my gameplay in) ARMA i still find old mods/creations like this and just no words.. <3
  11. Hello, i am a bit wondering, why the player models can not move like in A2 Takistan Life Revolution. Is this hard work to make it on A3 the same moving like in A2. For example if you join Takistan life revolution server and press Y then you got opinion beetwin like 10 different moves. Dancing, workout, karate, boxing, handstand. But so far i didn't see any of this moves on any A3 life server. Dance example from A2 what i mean: just a few of them. Is it possible to take this script into Arma 3, for Arma 3 models?
  12. Tryed to find this topic by searching for it, didn't find it. Great to hear about and great work anyway. It looks for me pretty hard to make scripts, models and animations. I'am just a normal player. Thanks for great work!
  13. If we talk about open world games then you gonna find many good.. Nice openworld games i liked to play or have seen real gameplays from friends: Assassins Creed Gothic Gta Farcry Red Dead Redemption - only seen it cuz no pc version :( Fallout Just Couse Witcher T.C. The Division Batman: Arkham Origins Dead Island L.A. Noir Mafia S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Saints Row State of Decay Two Worlds Skyrim
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    THANKS BIStudio, moders and lovers'

    Thanks to the whole Armaverse
  15. Sleepy Joe

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Gooooooooood Mooooorning Armaverse, i' am Sleepy Joe. about me, i am a guy who like to play video games to watch old movies and series and to listen older musik.. and i would say, i am an Armajunk now :D Before.., hmm, i was a cs:s ESL player. I am allways up for fairplay. After like 2000h+ on A2 and A3 i found my way to the forum. My start was on DayZ mod in Arma 2.. MAKE ARMA NOT WAR
  16. Sleepy Joe

    What games are you playing at?

    Sometimes.. M&B Warband MP battles Payday2 Gta V story Of guards and thieves Warthunder Warframe CS:GO but generally A3 :D
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    i guess it's my english.. what i mean: Theoretically, is it possible to retexture the maps down to for example Arma: Armed Assult, so they dont need so much power cuz of low texture? This guy tryed the 2800km2 on Arma 3 engine, what if i try this large terrain on A:AA engine with powerfull cpu? Why am i asking and not trying it, cuz i dont know about moding and building terrain in Arma and about the whole Arma engine.. so sry if it's a kind stupid question.. i am just a normal Arma player with my next dream after Arma 3 was realised. Thanks for answering.
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    Hello, i am a bit late to this topic but right the same idea on my mind... what i found http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27871this guy maked 2800km x 2800km terrain.. It works.. i mean poor quali but it works. Now a new question to this topic: Would it be possible to get this maps into Arma 2 or even Arma 1 and then to put them together? If we do'nt care about the grafiks quality but much more about the engine to become higher fps cuz of A2-A1 engine on - for example my i7 core? B.t.w., we can take only A2 maps, maybe all from All in Arma pack http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26682. So what you think? And what's the problem if you take on Takistan airfield a plane and fly to Chernarus airfield? Why not?! If there is a bigger distance, for realistic enjoi.