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  1. Hello, I haven't tried it directly, but I`m using BIS_fnc_findSafePos, which is using that function to. It's basically build - in. ---------------------------- It's not that BIS_fnc_findSafePos is failing, it's working "ok", it's more the fact, that it will not actually find a flat position, it will only find an empty Position. That's the main Problem I got at the Moment, as I'm using WAI (An AI spawning Framework) to spawn in smal side Missions, but they look extremely ugly due to that they spawn on hills a lot (Napf Map).
  2. That`s because of the scope. If you wait untill the Script finished it's 1000 Attempts it`s fine. The thing is just it won't find a flat position, it'll just find any position that is free :/
  3. Hi, I'm trying to find a safe and flat position anywhere on the map, so I'm using BIS_fnc_findSafePos. _safepos = [getMarkerPos "center",0,8500,(_this select 0),0,0,0]; _position = _safepos call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; But sometimes it spawns on hills to. How can I prevent that? Apparently you can set the terrain altitude, but that doesn't seems to work, as I tried it with _safepos = [getMarkerPos "center",0,8500,(_this select 0),0,999,0]; Nothing seems to work, it will spawn on hills and then everything looks crap. Anybody got an Idea?
  4. Hi, i was making a script that will get a Weapon out of a Backpack, but at the moment it is more like a "quick weapon switch" script, which i personally neither like nor want. The solution is ofc adding animations to it, but i don`t know what the Animation between switching Weapons is called and if it`s an action or a move ^^ anybody got an idea?
  5. Yeah i thought about seperate FSM`s, but i wanted to build in like a security layer - basically if one loop fails it will restart. For that purpose all Loops must be in the same file :/ //EDIT: Out of interest, what`s the Difference between Input Condition, User Condition and Condition? Will it make any difference, if i change that?
  6. Hi, i have a huge Problem at the Moment. I want to make 2 Things happen the same Time, if the Criteria is furfilled. The thing is, it will be in a Loop continiously. So basically i want 2 Loops running the same time. That`s an example Picture. The Problem is, if it goes in one Loop it won`t start the next Loop untill i cancel the first loop. I tried literally everything i can think of, but it just won`t work. Has anybody got any idea that could help me out of this? The Loops are definately needed.
  7. Thank you so much, that`s amazing and even better then what i had in memory. Is there any way of adding this to a script with a custom Commaning Menu?
  8. Hi, so i'm not into arma3, i "still" like arma2 and i noticed on arma2 BIS_fnc_findSafePos is critically malfunctioning, when you call it a few in a row. On Napf it will output Position: [10240,10240,800] after a few times. Here an Example from an script i was working on: It will continue to output the same Position over and over and over.... It will also malfunction, if i call it to often, without the step inbetween like in the following example: diag_log format ["[Dog] - Var is: %1",(_array select 0)]; _tmpPos = [(_array select 0), 1, 5, 3, 1, 20, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; diag_log format ["[Dog] - Tmp Pos is: %1",_tmpPos]; My Solution is to simply wait a large amount of Time, before calling that script again or don't use it at all. If you need to spawn something it`s alright, because the script is just called once, but if you do it a lot i suggest you use nearObjects to check, if it`s a good position.
  9. For anybody, who is also interested in this - This is how i am doing it at the Moment: You obviously have to remove, what you don`t need and it`s not the nicest thing to have, but it works.
  10. Hi, i have a slight issue. I'm currently using the dayZ / Epoch mod for arma2 and basically i want a Dog to play an Attack, but the creators of the mod didn`t put the Action in the class Actions. They created it tho, so it is available, but unless they put it in Actions there is no chance of playing that action with playActionNow, or is there? I`m fine with any solution, except for custom addons / mods. Is there any way of doing this, example putting the corresponding part in the description.ext and overwriting it or will that not work?
  11. You are using the wrong Syntax for the Event handler. You have addeventhandler ["STRING","STRING"]; when it should be addEventHandler ["STRING", {CODE}]; Example: _this addeventhandler ["respawn",{nil = _this execvm 'rifle.sqf'}];
  12. Hi, I'm pretty sure, that it was in arma2, where you could issue a Command from a commaning menu and then the camera would fly above the player and you could move the camera with your mouse. Anybody got an idea on how to do this? Couldn't find anything in the wiki unfortionately.
  13. No offence, but did you try to rething the whole structure of this code? Using X triggers is rather sub- optimal.
  14. Well no offence, but if i look at the SQF code it could`ve been improved a lot more, appart from the fact, that a while do loop would`ve been better here.
  15. By looking at the code i`m pretty sure this is MP compatible, but you must execute on Client Side or call remote Execution.