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    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Hi there, i followed these instructions and the same thing still happens, play for 5mins and fps still drops to 1-2fps. Any help would be much appreciated. ::::::EDIT::::::: Works fine, i forgot to untick the Malloc box. THANKS VERY MUCH FOR THE FIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. This is ridiculous, yesterday my game was working perfectly - now i get home and steam downloads and installs the latest update, now the game runs fine for the first 5-10mins, then bombs out to 1fps. Game at the moment is unplayable on my PC. I don't run mods, i haven't altered the game in any way at all. So goddamn frustrating.
  3. BrAdolf

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Exactly the same issue - framerate was fine then dropped to 1.5fps after roughly 5mins of gameplay. Also, in KOTH mode, cannot change to third person but that could be a server related issue.
  4. 100x yes - this is by far the best fps available at the mo, would not hesitate to buy another BI game. BUT .... fixing the cpu bottleneck should be a big one on the TO DO list.