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  1. Hello! I require some assistance with the ArmA3Sync application, as I have been having a lot of trouble lately. Recently I installed A3Sync, and it was my first time using it, as it still is. I got everything working correctly and I completed all the steps on the community page correctly, but there is only a couple of problems I have been having.... The application is limiting my download speed to max 560kb/s, even though under advanced configuration it is set to 0.0 (unlimited, as shown). Also, another problem is that for some reason I cannot chose any maximum connections other than 1. This is very strange and aggravating, because my computer usually will download at 20mb/s+, and I have a good internet connection, but for some reason, only on this specific application, I don't download as fast as I would like to. I tried to set the application's priority to the max setting (Realtime) but that made no difference either. Please help! Thank you in advance.