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    Hey Jezuro, Is there a way to set the spawned ai relations. Say for example the INDE garrisoned. e.g INDEPENDENT setFriend [civilian,0]. Cheers!
  2. Victor_Cross

    How to disable street lights?

    Hey Guys, I'm trying to make a mission were the power is off over the entire altis map. Looking at the above sample by fight9 I wanted to use the town markers to switch it off. And have it come back on when power generators in the nearby plants are captured. It is a multiplayer mission also. I got the sript working with this. Make a marker named "lightsmarker" and make a trigger with 0 = [] execVM "lights.sqf"; in the On Act. Simple as that. Will cut all lights 1000m around "lightsmarker". Use 0 = [0] execVM "lights.sqf"; to turn lights back on. But I'm a bit lost in using this: 0 = [0.95, 1000, getMarkerPos "townMarker"] execVM "lights.sqf"; - cut lights 1000m around marker named "townmarker"
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    Has anyone used this with wastelands or any other mission system? It seems to override current mission events or prevents them from executing.
  4. Victor_Cross

    Civilian Occupation System (COS)

    Hey guys, I Have a problem were I need the civilian units array in cos to include a boss element. E.g the spawner will spawn half a dozed standard civilians and one boss from a boss array in one group? Could somebody put me on the right path I'm just learning to use arrays and would appreciate some advice. Also what setting do I change to make the civilians spawn further away from the roads and not directly in middle of roads?
  5. 23:25:42 Error in expression <nul = [[[1, [<parameter for 1>]], [2, [<parameter for> 23:25:42 Error position: <<parameter for 1>]], [2, [<parameter for> 23:25:42 Error Invalid number in expression Keep getting this Error Guys I have the this in the server ini LV_fnc_simpleCachev2 = compileFinal preProcessFileLineNumbers "addons\LV\LV_functions\LV_fnc_simpleCachev2.sqf"; [[[1, [<parameter for 1>]], [2, [<parameter for 2>]]], 500, true] spawn LV_fnc_simpleCachev2;
  6. Hi Guys, I would like to use the Ai sript pack and this script to add random ai spawns to my wasteland server. I would appreciate it if somebody would point my in the right direction. Thanks;)
  7. Victor_Cross

    Civilian Occupation System (COS)

    Guys is there something I can do to prevent the nps spawning on the runways of altis and aswell I need to make them spawn on the sides of road not in the middle so a bit more random. Any ideas?
  8. Victor_Cross

    Civilian Occupation System (COS)

    Hi guys! Great script:) Im using this on our server to spawn zombies by placing the zombie class names in the civilian array in the cosinit file. This is working great but I would like to add one boss zombie only that spawns in each town also.Any help onthe problem would be much appreciated. :)
  9. Victor_Cross

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    I want to add say a ai fireteam to a players group during a mission from a menu trigger. Any advice guys?
  10. Hi guys, Hey has anyone got this working with a arma 3 epoch server and if so how? I currently have a wasteland server running iniDBI but was thinking of giving a epoch server ago running this if it is possible.
  11. Hi guys has anyone made a arma 3 epoch server using this databse system? And if so could I get some advice on how to do it?