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  1. Looking for one or two more people to join me and start this total roleplay life mod. The mod will be based on Jackson County map which is the original name for the Lakeside. The map is going to be updated and re worked. I'm hoping to find an SQF and 3D developer. In case you are interested in starting this with me contact me on my steam which is: Mark Queen. My profile pic is Deathstroke (Guy in an black and orange mask). Looking forward to hear from you!
  2. Hello everyone, it's me, Mark a.k.a t1on. I'm kinda starting a completely new redefined unique life concept from scratch and I need some guys who are into arma development. I'm a developer myself but obviously it would take me like two years to comeplete what I'm looking into. Don't get me wrong, it's not really that hard or something but I could use a hand or two. Must be 17+, should have one of these skills = sqf, mapping or modelling. Contact me on steam: Mark Queen (Guy with orange black mask = Deathstroke for those who might know :D ). Note that this is not a paid position! You will be paid the provision of course but you won't be receiving any kind of payment as of now. Thanks. Looking forward to meet great developers! and please don't add me and beg me to learn you how to code or something because this is a serious project with one of a kind concept. Thanks!
  3. Very nice tutorial, this really helps people who look to get into texturing for arma. :)
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    Best of luck finding a mapper, pretty hard these days since most of them already work for someone. :)
  5. Hello, how would one make custom uniform model work in A3? I've been trying it on my own but no luck, there are alot of tutorials for importing custom stuff but never found anything to do with custom uniforms. Now, I don't mean retexturing existing uniforms but what I mean is how would I import my custom vest or uniform model to arma 3 and make it work and suit the character well and not being somewhere different than where vest or uniform should be? I'd really appreciate help with this, I'm sorry if there is a tutorial for this, so if there is one please link it to me if there's not maybe someone could write one? Thanks!
  6. Message me your best way of contact. :)