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  1. We are Pathfinders of Pathfinder Platoon.. also known as X Platoon. Our main roles are Recce, Capture and Sabotage, as well as searching for the areas to bring in the airborne troops. We specialize in airborne insertion, in particular our preferred method of insertion being HALO and HAHO and with that we have our own custom made mods to do just that. This enables us to insert and operate well behind enemy lines covertly, as is life though, not everything goes to plan... We are a small close-nit group and welcome anyone who wants to enjoy their arma experience in a group where missions are fun and in a more relaxed environment. There are no 'sirs' or ranks.. The Pathfinders (as in real life) don't display or use ranks, we work on merit and are on first/nick-name basis. There are some serious elements and we communications professional and demand discipline to ensure that only important messages are sent/received. We do conduct training exercises just keep everyone 'singing off the same hymn sheet' so to speak, this includes practicing our jumps, fire discipline, vehicle gunning and driving, comms, tactics and much more. Our operations are usually comprised of small 2-6 man patrols where a typical mounted patrol comprises of 2 vehicles with 3 men on each. Our main vehicle is the WMIK Landrover or Jackal with mounted GMPGs and .50 Cal HMGs. We have a teamspeak channel, the address is.. Arma 3 Units Page We are recruiting and you to join you will need to: Be 17+ (exceptions can be made if you are deemed mature enough) Have Teamspeak Speak and understand English Willing to download our modpack (currently 6-8gb for what we need - we use the arma 3 launcher so no downloading 3rd party software etc and keeps it simple. Our Op and Training times are usually 2030 gmt (gmt+1 in the summer time) and weekends are the main Op nights. Because of what we do in missions, you will be required to undertake a short selection course. This is where you will learn the basics of what we do and to give you and us a picture of what each other is like for suitability and not to waste anyone's time. We don't do phases of selection, and make you wait weeks upon end to play. Arma is a game and as such is treated that way, whilst we play with as much immersion as possible, at the end of the day we wouldn't expect you to learn to read the stars and navigate.. We have GPS for that! Once we are happy, and you have shown us that you have the right attitude and will fit in well, you then be passed out as a Pathfinder. This could all take a couple of sessions or longer, it depends on you. Continuation training will follow and there you will learn our advanced SOPs and TTPs and practice the techniques we use. Feel free to come and have a chat with us on our teamspeak or PM on here if you are interested, to apply please visit the website here and go to the recruitment section.
  2. We have now joined forces with Joint Forces Command HQ website here where we will be conducting advanced recce missions and calling in the supports. Training is now run a little differently where you will apply to that group and after a short phase 1 of training you will get to choose your specific unit to join. Hopefully what is above and seeing us in game will encourage you to choose us as your home unit.
  3. After a break we have come back and rebooted the group. Recruitment is open as we are looking to increase playing numbers and get a 3rd patrol going. We are also looking to speak with pilots (fixed and rotary wing) to fly CAS & Transport for us (the ai are a bit useless sometimes). People joining can expect a milsim experience without the B*******. As mentioned above we don't use ranks etc and everyone is able to contribute. We welcome anyone who can make missions and even mod/script. We have recently been honing our para jump skills and vehicular warfare using our favored Landrovers. Anyone interested, see above and follow the links. Any questions, please feel free to PM me on here.
  4. Thanks Das Attorney, can't believe its all there and I couldn't find it. Appreciate your help and well I'll look better next time!
  5. Hi all, So I have looked everywhere for this, I can only guess someone before must have brought it up but searches/leywords are coming up blank or unrelated.. So I want bring a bit more realism to the game when using NVGs as they work on ambient light I would like to make them more difficult to use weather dependant. The issue I have is being able to detect the weather. There are commands to set the weather etc but I am stuck on how to get those values to detect them. I am not the best scripter but know some things and this has me completely stumped. Any help would be massively appreciated but like I said I'm sure if it was possible then it would be have been implemented somewhere by now.. Cheers.. Newey.
  6. Our new website is live feel free to visit.. https://xplatoon.wixsite.com/pathfinderplatoon
  7. Website: http://tf21sof.com Steam Group Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/TaskForce21SOF About us Task Force 21 (two-one) is a fictional International task force made up of some of the best Special Forces around the world and is mainly a tactical realism group, we put on the game face in game and try to make the operations as fun but realistic as we can This gives us scope for an unlimited base for which we can build missions without too much restriction, with that we do however have a template of settings and call signs that are to be used in each operation. We play campaigns and also play as on standy by for short notice Ops which are generally made using MCC and Zeus. We encourage our members to be creative and if they have a good idea then we can make it happen. We operate in all conditions, snow, sleat, rain and the burning sun. On all terrains, flat, mountainous and jungles. We are Land, Sea and Air based. Out of the game we are just a bunch of friends with a common interest. There are no conventional ranks, no power struggle or anything like that. We haven’t lost touch of reality and are well aware that this is a game and that our members do have a life. We strive to create a welcoming environment for members and guests. Teamwork, Maturity, and Integrity combined with a Quality-over-Quantity mindset. Selection Selection is split into 3 phases.. Phase 1 – Basics: this will allow us to make sure you can fire a weapon accurately, move and know your Arma keybindings, have ace set up ok to use and we will also run through some basic drills and some typical exercises to ready you for the next phase. Phase 2 – NAVEX: This will involve some training in map reading and navigation. How to use the stars and follow 8 digit map coordinates. You will then be put on an exercise to test what you have learned where observation and memory will also be tested. Phase 3 – Evade and Escape: You will be fully briefed before doing this. It is the final stage of selection training and this is where you will pass or fail. Training Once you have passed Selection you will be training with the rest of the task force members in Continuation Training. This involves the following: Further Navigation TrainingJungle Navigation Underwater Navigation Desert Navigation Patrol Skills Training:movement contact drills emergency rendezvous skills setting ambush skills anti ambush skills camouflage Vehicle Training Weapons and Explosives Training Medical Training Anti Terrorism Training Hostage Rescue Training CQC Training IMPORTANT NOTE The group uses a custom modpack that creates a more challenging, varied, and immersive experience. There are some basic requirements for those that want to apply,You must be willing and able to work with others & must be able to speak understandable english. To become a member you must be at least 16 years of age. It’s easy to join all you need to do is fill out the application by click the button below. For more information feel free to hop on our Teamspeak server @ We also have a public server located at: IP: Port: 2312 It uses no mods and is up 24/7. Our OP times are around 1900 GMT on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We will be running training on a Tuesday and Thursday at 1900 GMT.
  8. We have run selection phase 2 for a few guys and a couple of operators have been on stand by for rapid deployment. A couple of pics below are from a recent mission.. Situation: Intel has been received at HQ via HUMINT that the local war lord on Altis has arranged a meeting with an unknown buyer for his weapons. It is to take place around 0700 and we need eyes on for evidence. Mission: Two man CTR team to move into location and get eyes on from an OP. Heli insert via littlebird 1.5km West of target and move to OP. ERV to be agreed on ground, littlebird on stand by for extraction. 20 mins out. HQ need photographic evidence. ROE: Engage only if fired upon. If over run, bug out to ERV and await extraction.
  9. Newey

    Spyder Addons

    Hey Spyder, Good work, really liking this mod, had started to do something myself in terms of the detection side of it. Having read through the pages, I couldn't find what I am about to ask but also saw that the detection stuff is bugged a bit. 1) Does it matter if you specify something in the incognito gear and not the restricted gear? I tested this out and I started as a NATO rifleman (unarmed) and using Zeus I started as a civvy (purple icon). Does the module not initialize properly? The gear I was listing was a middle east robe and paktol so 'in theory' I should have been classed as a blufor unit until I changed? 2) not really a question - the restricted zones worked fine and the driving offroad and in certain vehicles. 3) Depending on you answer to 1, if its worth getting rid of the restricted gear because I use tryk and loads of different classes of uniform, headwear and vests etc, it would take ages to least each if its not in a faction class. Plus I would not want to restrict everything with a certain faction possibly. Would you allow me to open it up and have a play around with the way it works and also add detection of what weapon the player is carrying too? I.e for going well under cover and infiltrating a compound dressed as the enemy? If I get anything worthy going I will of course send it over to you. 4) the github stuff you have, is that for using? My group has a campaign starting Sunday and I would like to get it updated before we start and you have made some improvements. Mainly looking to use the ambient module, interaction module and the detection one (unless its still a bit broke, I have something very basic but would prefer to get it more advanced like yours). Thanks again, keep up the good work anyway! Newey
  10. update to this after more testing, its the MOCAP melee mod causing this. Maybe the author can look into it if its still supported. The issues are: Only happens when you have a weapon and its lowered (double tap ctrl) 1) when walking you continue to walk even though you aren't pressing a key 2) when jogging (press c key) you go into some weird animation like you are praying then get back up when you press shift to sprint 3) when running and/or sprint you just dive to the floor. I have tried having settings disabled as in the editor modules. as soon I take the mod completely out, all is fine. Also tried it on its own with its required mods and still does it so its not a confliction, looks more like an eventhandler issue within it somewhere. I'd have a go at fixing it but 1) Its not mine and I dont have permission and 2) I wouldnt really know where to look so there is no point in ripping it open to look. Gives no errors either in the RPT. Hope some one can work something out for this as melee take downs are pretty useful when using it with a mod that hides you as a civvy or sneaking up the enemy.
  11. No, this is purely moving about as a player. You just dive to the floor for no reason what so ever when running or carry on walking when walking but you have released the forward key. Only happens when you have your weapon lowered or no weapon in hands at all.
  12. I have had this same issue.. running the following and happens on all maps, BIS and Custom.. ACE3, Enhanced Movement, MOCAP, Extended Fatigue CBA all running up to date versions. Obviously running more mods but these are generally the only ones I could think would affect this, CUP, RHS etc and uniform mods wouldn't change movement would they? I have also tried the following.. removed Enhanced Movement and kept the others running - still happens removed MOCAP and kept all others running - still happens removed both MOCAP, enhanced movement and extended fatigue - still happens played vanilla - doesn't happen. Only happens when the hands are empty or gun is lowered. If you are walking you will take a few steps forward, if you are running/jogging then you will dive to the ground. My group now plays without enhanced movement mod as it happens less frequently without this (the diving still occurs but the walking on bit doesn't). Hope this helps at all.