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  1. gonna read more on setting variables and conditions....
  2. No luck so far...since locking a crate or a vehicle both set setVariable ["R3F_LOG_disabled", true, true];, then there should be a way use getvariable "R3F_LOG_disabled" to disable loading... edit: this doesn't work
  3. So, I have added this to my A3Wasteland server quite successfully so far and am continuing to tweak it to work with my other addons. There is one advantage it creates when using it on items locked with R3F and micoverys vehicle actions (lockable vehicles). I have been able to deactivate R3F when a crate is loaded so you cant just pick it up off the back of a truck and walk away with it, but I am unable to disable the IgiLoad actions when attempting to load a crate or vehicle that is locked with R3F or micovery's vactions. Right now you can still hijack these locked items by loading them on a truck and driving away with them I am sure there is a simple answer for someone who has more experience coding than me. Can anyone assist?
  4. I'm curious what the parent classes are for the vehicles and weapons. I have the static AT and AA guns in the stores in my MP wasteland server and without adding them to R3F logistics arrays, I can pick them up and load them into vehicles. Since they are not included in the array, I suspect they belong to a parent class that is. If you could provide the class hierarchy, that would be awesome.
  5. Awesome Mod, thanks for the work you've put in! Ive installed v1.3 on my Wasteland server and I am having an issue with entering the MI-8 as pilot, I can only enter as copilot and take control so I cant fire weapons. It also spawns about a foot of the ground and only settles down after starting the engines. I read the previous posts and disabled the other mods and reinstalled a fresh copy, but no fix. The Ural also is a few inches above the ground and never settles. Its more noticeable on bare surfaces, like pavement.