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    About Arma 2 OA

    It would be the best gift for the community. Only multiplayer and mission editing is available. High definition graphics, user mods and campaign - not included! This has already happened once in 2012. Can be repeated, to attract new players to Arma series!
  2. Is it possible to add in BETA-patch magazines only with tracers for all types of hand weapons? Sometimes you just need to mark the target. There will be more variety in the gameplay, think about it.
  3. I would like to localize this, at least in Russian.
  4. Ok, a more realistic virtual green sight, which can be used in closed battle. I only suggested option that seen in the Arma2\3 with mods. Make changes or not, at your discretion. Thanks for the work you've done!
  5. Please fix ACOG, see in the picture.
  6. Hi, I found a one small mistake. Vodnik with 2а42 has smoke grenade launchers on the model. But it does not work when you're sitting on the gunner. Please fix it.
  7. Kalkhin

    A2/A2:OA Patch 18.12.2015

    But the default zeroing on the guns was 300 meters. All fired from 300 meters and more... for example AK-74 has no opticalsight, but it does not limit the range of the shoоt. If not all distances will be used, why zeroing AK-74 is from 100 to 1000 meters? This means that people are shooting at 1000 meters too. You made zeroing from real life, but they are not suitable for gameplay. The arguments I have given in the report before.
  8. Kalkhin

    A2/A2:OA Patch 18.12.2015

    Let's talk about Vintorez. Now we can switch from optical to mechanical sight. Zeroing on optics made good, but zeroing in the mechanical sights is not good. For example: Zeroing AK-74: 100,200,300,400,500 etc. Zeroing Vintorez: 100,150,200,220,250,270,300,320,350,370 etc. The iron sight is used for infighting and there speed is everything. If there is a need to switch the range from 200 to 300, you must press the button four times. This is extremely inconvenient !!! Also, Arma2 have wrong metric system and the difference of 20-30 meters is minor. Maybe this zeronig used in life, but in the game it is not convenient and meaningless. It is not necessary to complicate the game, for this is the modification ACE2 and others. Please, review the zeroing on Vintorez for simplicity.
  9. Kalkhin

    A2/A2:OA Patch 18.12.2015

    New patch, new errors. My weekend games were spoiled by two bugs. Ðll seen in the screenshots: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/352771022152201292/622DA8975A655ED0AB13893465E2C9B2B90FC0F9/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/352771022152202261/03F09222B17CC4693262EF0A65608ACC3286AC3A/ Please, next time Ñheck that what you are doing before release.
  10. Kalkhin

    A2/A2:OA Patch 18.12.2015

    Units from British Armed Forses can be repainted by setObjectTexture. Is it possible to do it with units from the original Arma2 ( USMC, RU, CDF, INS) ?