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  1. Gopher_nz

    may not have appropriate permissions

    Yup - same problem - has also caused dayz to stop working for the very same issue too.
  2. Gopher_nz

    TWS nightstalker issues

    Since the jets DLC, I cannot see distance information in the TWS or nigthstalker scopes - is this a bug or a deliberate config change by BI.
  3. Gopher_nz

    TWS nightstalker issues

    Have defaulted my controls. Rangefinding has definitely changed. Not convinced for the better but will get used to it no doubt.
  4. Gopher_nz

    TWS nightstalker issues

    And no distance measuring in armored vehicles, like tanks.
  5. Gopher_nz

    TWS nightstalker issues

    Actually - it does work but in a very weird way - by pressing \ The quirks are as follows: Using scopes in first person - press \ - player view pans down and then back up - scope provides a static view of the distance Laser designator - press \ - player takes out rifle and then puts it back - designator provides static view of distance. Neither provide dynamic distance reading as they used to. This screams of broken animation similar to heal self or repair vehicle rather than an intentional change. Would be good if someone could point me in the direction of where it says that these sort of changes were intentionally made - my searches proved fruitless unfortunately. This is a very frustrating issues for my friends and I and keen to get this cleared up. Cheers all.
  6. Gopher_nz

    joystick in Arma 3

    This concerns using joystick in Arma 3 - notably two Thrustmaster 16000M FCS combined using TARGET. Just wondered if anyone has had any joy setting them up in Arma 3. I have tried googling it with no success so keen to hear if anyone else has had any luck setting them up. Cheers all.
  7. Gopher_nz

    joystick in Arma 3

    I am keen to use a second joystick for the purpose of POV rather than the POV control on the same joystick I am using to manouvre the aircraft/helo - is this possible. I am struggling to make it work