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  1. Don't think BI would really care, unless they are doing something that breaks community guidelines.
  2. Looks awesome so far! I hope this may increase the popularity, or amount of Navy MilSim units as the only one i currently know of is CSG-11.
  3. Sounds like a great idea, and something that would be incredibly popular. Hit me up if you need anyone to do any modeling, or need help setting up a website.
  4. Gray Luna

    Help me with my new computer

    As many of the people of above have said, what do you define as "bad frames"? This is extremely important as for me, and my typical frame rate I would say 26 frames would be bad frames. I'll assume when you say bad frames you mean un-playable so somewhere around 15 we'll say. First of all mods may heavily impact your performance, as well as things like fog which even with my beast PC it drops frames extremely bad. You might want to try messing around with certain settings as well. Anti-Aliasing is a setting that can sometimes have no regularly noticeable visual difference, but can do wonders for your frames.
  5. I don't think anything BI puts out will have a good voip. To be honest that's probably for the best as it's something that mods will always be able to 1-up. Mod creators have always been able to keep up with feedback and help units & groups better then BI ever could. I do think that they need, and should develop a better voip then the current one even though the points I previously stated exist. I mean hey though who knows they might end up making a voip that tops all mods I've been wrong plenty of times.