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    There was another video like this but what the YouTube guy did was select a specific camo, copied the _co.png file to his window, and for some reason, he could move the camo over the copied file. It erased all of the original camo in the first file, but allows the camo to blanket the whole thing without sacrificing the high quality texture. That's what I was asking about. I am not so sure how this works for A2.
  2. TexPoly


    Currently, I'm learning how to texture a vehicle inside ArmA 2: OA. The vehicle I've chosen is the lucky BDRM. Here's my question: just how the heck could I overlay my layer's color over the exture to make it appear as a significant color without losing the texture's outlook? Right now, I'm trying to make the BDRM white without losing all the texture. if I place a hard white rectangle, it erases everything underneath as a layer. What I want to do is remove the camo, make the part of the BDRM completely white while retaining the texture. How does one go about it in Photoshop? Is there an actual tutorial for this? I've checked YouTube, sites, and none of them ended up describing how to cover this. I'm pretty much stumped right now.
  3. TexPoly

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Actually, I simply imported it. I did not convert it fully. However, no, I did not receive -Martin-'s permission. I'll PM him about it.
  4. Let me get this right. Chernarus is held by the Russians, right? And we're to assume Putin is attempting to have control over the region? Or was it the United States that holds Chernarus with their military forces on standby? Assuming that the ChDKz had finally escaped, regrouped, and then attacked Chernarus with Novorossiya rebels, you'd have to explain the backstory. Get the player engrossed in it.
  5. TexPoly

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I second this. Is it possible to convert Taviana 1.0 (without Day Z stuff and with Day Z; two Tavianas) to A3 and make it work? Last I imported it into A3 even though it was for A2, the editor said that citizen1.scope was missing and had about 4 'missing' lists of factions even though there were lists of cars, armored, air, etc. Its' weird. It's also missing a "Day Z anim". I don't know much about converting addons but I'm hoping someone could. Perhaps -Martin- would do the work?
  6. TexPoly

    Terrain Underground complexes?

    The 3D model could come from Blender or 3DsMax? I am wondering because I am familiar somewhat with Blender, and use AutoCAD LT or Tinkercad for my floorplans.