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  1. If anyone is wondering why you'd want to use the weapon eventhandler framework, these are two short videos I made to show the difference between with and without (feel free to use these Toadie, although they're not too great):
  2. crizyz

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Not sure if I should edit or create a new post as my last one was nearly a day ago. Was wondering what you think about adding the Eurocopter EC635 for the Iraqis, maybe just optional (as to not increase mod dependancy). You could even include it on your mod as it says this on the armaholic page: License / Disclaimer: I'm giving the permission to anyone wants to retexture it or even include it in other mods, so no need to ask me for that. Appropriate credits would be much appreciated if so. HAFM EC-635 Helicopter by Aplion http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=28903 Video of it in action (not really graphic, just rocket and gun runs is what you see mostly, but in spoiler nonetheless): Some guy already mentioned it a couple of months ago but I don't see a reply to that. https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/179746-iraqi-syrian-conflict/page-20#entry3029462 Anyway, just a suggestion. I think your mod is already awesome. if you add those flags on top of vehicles it's already gonna be a lot more immersive. But suggestion never harm right? :)
  3. crizyz

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Erhmagurd! I just loaded your mod for the first time. First thought, damn, I'm missing those flags on vehicles they like to show all around. Check the topic, see flags in the works! :)
  4. Hey Toadie, are you planning on updating the Complete Pack on your own site as well? Currently it's still v5. Edit: I see it's just the link that's off on the site, as http://www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_AllinOne V6.rar instead of http://www.toadie.updatedtuesdays.com/PubSharbse/Mods/NIArms_AllinOne V5.rar is a valid download. Edit2: Maybe a stupid question, but do the compability files go into the NIArms mod folder, or into a separate mod folder? And if it goes into the main folder, does it break the mod key (not too familiar with how signing with keys works in A3, as you can probably tell from my post).
  5. crizyz

    NLD Units

    I noticed it's also on the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=424190840 I'm assuming that's a legit mirror? Since I've seen mods get uploaded on the Steam Workshop before without permission. It lacks both the dependancies though.