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  1. gstoetti94

    ASR AI 3

    Hi Robalo! Is there any Chance you will upload the other configs (RHS) to Steam soon? Thanks for the great mod
  2. https://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00165 It seems that they are still working on the digital Tanoa-Map-pdf
  3. gstoetti94

    Coop Missions - Revive or Respawn

    Revive - your team has to work together to find a way to get you back to life. Not always that easy (during a firefight) but much more rewarding ​Respawn is the "easy way" in my oppinion and should only be used if for instance all Players died
  4. Hi folks! ​Loosing a firefight sucks, especially because of major mistakes concerning tactics or securing your buddies. ​So i wondered if there is a possibility to -record the movement (and viewdirection) of all units (Players + AI) no matter if and when they spawn -rewatch the whole mission on the 2D-map with the whole Team (to discuss what has to be improved) -in a rather ressource-friendly way ​As far as I know, "UnitCapture" can only be used with one unit over a specific time? Thanks! ​
  5. gstoetti94

    Factions sharing equipment/ not having unique equipment

    The general equipment of NATO and CSAT differs - MX and Katiba. ​But it makes sense, that special purpose Equipment (underwater rifle, etc.) is the same. Developing an own prototype is expensive as hell - so why not use what can be bought on free market? ​BI's ressources are limited. ​So I'd rather see them working on the game-engine than creating several different HMGs for the vehicles. Don't get me wrong - I'd love to see as much variation as possible. But to my mind, there are more important things that should be taken care of.
  6. I think, chacne meant that the third trigger, trgEnd, should "wait", before it is activated. ​So as soon as trgBlu and trgGreen are activated, trgEnd idles for 10-30 sec before it is activated and the mission ends. ​ You can change these settings in the menu of either the triggers - just enter the SECONDS that needs to pass in the fields "min" - "mid" - "max"
  7. gstoetti94

    Factions sharing equipment/ not having unique equipment

    There are several armies that use the same equipment - just think of the F16 or the Steyr AUG. ​Best-practive-weapons are and will be used by more than one army. Personally, I don't care if the AA-Launcher looks different or not - as long as it works properly. Of course, a rebell army using the brand new sniper rifle prototype would not be realisitic. But take a look on Syndikat - where "old" and "different" weapons are needed, BI created them.
  8. Create two triggers - "trgBlu" and "trgGreen". ​Both should be activated if the faction is not present. Create a third trigger "trgEnd" and open its Attributes. Delete "this" from t​he field "conditions" and insert the following text triggerActivated trgBlu AND triggerActivated trgGreen​ This trigger trgEnd will be activated only if both other triggers are activated For more Infos have a look at https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/triggerActivated https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createTrigger https://community.bistudio.com/wiki?title=2D_Editor:_Triggers&redirect=no
  9. Hi! ​ ​It should be possible to have more than one map. ​The player switches through different types of maps in the menu. ​For instance -the "normal" map -some detailed satellite images of a few (!) certain areas (e.g. AO) -rough sketches (enemy bunkers, poisitons of mines) -building plans of bigger buildings (e.g. Airports, Hospital, etc.) ​There also should be a possibility to create these type of maps in 3den and add them to the inventory. ​Greetings
  10. Personally I would love to see the opportunity to unlock the launcher-slot for other heavy weapons such as MMG or anti-material sniper-rifles. There should be a placeable module or whatever in the editor, that would enable this feature for certain classes that have to deal with this weapons. (I don’t want to see the MMG-Sniper-Pilot…). So the heavy gunner should be able to put his MMG into the launcher slot and so on. And why is this feature so important? Nothing is worse than CQB with your heavy weapon. But sometimes it is necessary to go into CQB before finding a good spot where you can use all the advantages of your weapon. Right now, you are pretty useless carrying your M320 or Navid, until you have found a good spot. By putting this gun into the launcher slot, you would be able to use a carbine such like the MXC to at least defend yourself in certain situations. Personally I don’t think, that those classes would be overpowered, because the advantage you gain by carrying another weapon causes the disadvantage of less fatigue or less ammunition for the heavy weapon. This might cause more teamplay with your assistant gunner/spotter, even on public servers? As I said, this feature should be optional. The mission-creator should always be able to decide, if he wants this change or not.