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  1. 11 hours ago, dwarden said:

    1.66.139995 new PROFILING branch with PERFORMANCE binaries, v12, server and client, windows/linux
    + some more logging in v11 (1.66.139981)
    + fixed one of possible memory leaks and crashes

    available via STEAMklient/STEAMcmd as branch too, read https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Steam_Branches#Arma_3_Server
    BIForum feedback: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/160288-arma-3-stable-server-166-performance-binary-feedback/?do=getLastComment
    Discord feedback: https://discord.gg/0aWSevYPq5W2FeM6

    How to install as a client, please ?

  2. Ok thank's  I have succeeded to install on my server, but I have some problem,


    1)i go to liberate city and i don't have ennemi vehicles & civils patrols (vehicle and persons).I have desactivated ennemi patrol on settings for another script.


    2) I do not have a message saying that the task is validate or not.


    3) How i can translat task ?


    4)On find GPS Intel Civil die when they spawn


    5) How to disable @dcg when i play other mission on dedicated server without restart the server ?


    Can you help me ?


    PS and how to add ennemy vehcile on defend task, or it's the same problem ?


    Sorry for my bad english

  3. Hello, I don't understand how use your mission, it's a mods ?


    How just play on classic version like:







    Like Dynamic Combat Generator 3.0.9 ? It's for add on dedicated server, and we play with various mission. We can't add a mod for play your mission and if we change mission have problème ... no ?


    Sorry for my bad english...

  4. Another question :


    What files do i need to keep, if  I just want random Ai spawn around me (air /ground patrol) , and task ?


    -No HUD

    -No squad mod

    -No respawn


    I try to delete some files but i have more and more error even if i delete lines in int.sqf / description.sqf or other.


    Someone can explain to me, what files do i need, and the line.


    More Thx ! (Sorry for my bad english)