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    Place Roads!

    Hello, i am working in my terrain and i am new for TB but i can do something ;) but i get a problem you know the Ground have meanders and mountains i want to make a Road for City but when i place it i get the Ground have meanders. how i can make the ground like a flat without meanders? to place roads only i need it for roads and building. i am sorry for my english but i hope you understand me. i am waiting you and thank u guys. :wub:
  2. Hello Every One, i am working in a terrain, and i was export it as .wrp and make config . when i join Arma 3 or Editor to test my terrain i select my terrain after that in waiting to join terrain it take time more than 5 mins and then i can join my terrain also, i test it in server side i get same problem when i join the server and select map take time to make me join this world. i don't know but my terrain is fresh and nothing more and can anyone help me? i am sorry for my English is bad but please help me.
  3. VectorLaky

    Problem with my terrain.

    i using Pbo manager to pack my terrain because i can't install PboProject in windows 8.1 i don't know why i can't open it. my terrain size is 16.4 km x 16.4 km i don't using any objects i only make the .wrp file without placing anything. its only flat and water.
  4. VectorLaky

    MGSR Mod

    congrats, looks good!
  5. VectorLaky

    Saint Kapaulio Terrain [ W.IP]

    Nice Terrain i love it. Thank u " Para " ;)