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  1. nvm i figured it , found out i forgot to list them in the units line of the config
  2. hey guys, my vehicle's from my faction are not showing in the zeus menu at the moment, and i can't find why not... the normal units are in zeus but not the vehicles: my basic vehicle config is : class FA18E : JS_JC_FA18E { side = 1; faction = "3rd_MEF"; vehicleclass = "Air_Vehicles"; author = "Eliree"; displayName = "F/A 18 E"; scope = 2; cost = 2000; scopeCurator = 2; } the vehicles class is offcourse listed in the parent .cpp file whilest all the vehicles are listed in a .hpp file
  3. 3rd-mef

    Backpack HPP config

    the part of the code which is giving these errors is the following part : class B_mas_m_Bergen_Medic : B_mas_m_Bergen_acr_c { scope = 1; class TransportItems { item_xx(ACE_quikclot,20); Item_xx(ACE_personalAidKit,1); Item_xx(ACE_surgicalKit,1); Item_xx(ACE_bloodIV,3); Item_xx(ACE_bloodIV_500,3); Item_xx(ACE_morphine,15); Item_xx(ACE_epinephrine,15); Item_xx(ACE_packingBandage,10); Item_xx(ACE_elasticBandage,10); Item_xx(ACE_tourniquet,5); Item_xx(ACE_bodyBag,2); }; };
  4. heya guys, i've used the backpack configuration as posted on the wikipedia from BI but for omse reason it is telling me that i should replace the ( sign with a = sign but once i replace this it doesn't work either cause it just gives the duplicate class warning Below is the download link to my config any1 have an idea : https://mega.nz/#!YZhWVLLR!7W2K00AvT2LvJ_jLX5m0CrjltIae99y5_GbWxSoKw98 Greets
  5. sorry, i was talking about the prototype map, and with your tutorials on X-cam editor you said that we have the option to save to mapbuilder file and then able to implement to the map and repack the whole thing, this is what i want to do but am failing at misserably.. any idea's ?
  6. Hey silola, first of all i have to say i love your work, the x-cam tools and the maps you are making are stunning work, so incredibly detailed and i love playing on these maps. i see this map as a great tool for some unit training and for that matter I want to create some designated training areas in the map for usage in my unit, now i was thinking of saving these into the map file but to do this i would like to ask your permission and if possible a link to the project file since this is ported out of visitor at the moment. i sent you a pm aswell , hope to hear from you soon.. Offcourse i'll be using your wonderfull lovely x-cam toold
  7. 3rd-mef

    Backpack Base Config

    i can upload the whole config without a problem .. point is it's 5768 lines xD but i'll upload it and sent you a PM with the config
  8. 3rd-mef

    Backpack Base Config

    didn't work either still getting the undefined base class.... strange thing is that if i take a look at the unmodified config it is listed the exact same as the modified version
  9. 3rd-mef

    Backpack Base Config

    hey hawaiian, tried this now but still receiving the error when launching, even tried to copy over the number 1 : was not working , then tried to delete the nubmer 2 backpack and then it gave the error on the number 1 backpack... this is the error i keep receiving : http://prntscr.com/90z0ma
  10. evening guys, i'm having a problem trying to adjust my faction: whenever i try to launch my arma 3 with the faction it keeps saying that i have an undefefined base class B_BergenC_Base it says so on the second backpack in my config.cpp but this is exactly the same as backpack 1 .. someone please check my work for a sec and see if you can find the error. http://prntscr.com/90w4cm http://prntscr.com/90w4n9 Greetings.
  11. 3rd-mef

    no Entry .model

    heej jackal, this fixed it .. thank you ... feeling stupid now for not noticing this xD
  12. heya guys, i've hit a snag in trying to code my faction for my unit. when ever i try to preview a game i get the error : no entry .model does any1 of you have an idea what this might be? below is the code for the model which is causing this. class CfgVehicles { class B_Soldier_base_F; class Mar_TL_W: B_Soldier_base_F { side = 1; faction = "3rd_MEF"; backpack = "B_mas_m_Bergen_acr_c"; vehicleclass = "Marines_wood"; author = "3mef"; _generalMacro = "MS_TL_W"; scope = 2; displayName = "Team Leader"; weapons[] = {""}; respawnWeapons[] = {""}; magazines[] = {""}; respawnMagazines[] = {""}; cost = 3000000; threat[] = {1,0.7,0.3}; linkedItems[] = {""}; respawnLinkeditems[] = {""}; model = "\A3\Characters_F\Common\basicbody"; uniformClass = "U_mas_mar_B_CombatUniform_wood"; camouflage = 1.6; }; }; if you want more info please feel free to slap me in the face and i will deliver the files needed if i have them haha
  13. 3rd-mef

    Objects for Tanoa

    lookin good man, hope to see more soon ..
  14. will there be comming a fix / different way for the spare tires soon? cause atm with the tires hovering a few hundred meters above the vehicles looks kinda odd
  15. 3rd-mef

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    is there a code in place to spawn the ospreys with their wings folded??? if so could we please have it posted here? cause atm spawning those osperys on a nimitz hangar is a high risk of explosion