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    My New Epic Cinematic Video:
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    Arma3 Videos

    And here but old cinematic video:
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    Arma3 Videos

    My New Epic Cinematic Video:
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    =ARC= Japan units (by Goticwar)

    Goticwar submit a new version : Changelog: v0.6 - News: Vests - News: Vests in slots Backpacks - News: Goggles in slots NV(Night Vision) - News: Bust Armor (All Camo) - News: Belt holster (All Camo)(slots Backpacks) - News: Tactical Vest (All Camo)(slots Backpacks) - News HD icons for New Vests - News: 4 Patchs JASFD 401sq - 3 News Face and tattoos - 3 New Vehicules Types C-130H import:(Thank you to the team of the =ATM=(VassiLi) for their help on C-130 ) - Retexture done in HD with the Japanese camo - Retexture inspired by the Japanese squadron of 401 C- 130H - New more realistic sounds have were created for three C-130, hus a new effect of propellers more fit the 4 helices - C-130H (Transport) with 2 fuel tanks - C-130H (Cargo) with 2 fuel tanks - KC-130H (Tanker) with 4 fuel tanks Igiload consistent if you add: /, "Jpa_C130_HEC", "Jpa_C130_HE", "Jpa_C130_HT", "Jpa_C130_J_Base"/ Following /IL_Supported_Vehicles_C130J = ["C130J_Cargo", "C130J"];/ Which is located in IgiLoad.sqf EX: /IL_Supported_Vehicles_C130J = ["C130J_Cargo", "C130J", "Jpa_C130_HEC", "Jpa_C130_HE", "Jpa_C130_HT", "Jpa_C130_J_Base"];/ Link : Japan Units V0.6 Screens :