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  1. Hey DocRob, thanks for opening a ticket. Have the same issue with the read only box, keeps rechecking itself Gr Crash
  2. Same here, and my friend has it also. Tried with refresh, pulling the joystick out en restart, new drivers, but no result. Can't enable joystick (madcatz fly5) had before no issue at all. hope for a fix soon
  3. I have the same problem. I try to let this work in epoch. battleye is running and mannaged to filter out all the kicks. I see mcc in the menu. I can open it with the shortkeys ctrl+end. I can even open the Comander Console. But when I click login. The screen dissapears and after a few seconds it's back there. login again and same issue. The only thing I think what is wrong that at mission maker is see: Not assigned. No idea if this is the problem I tried to read all the previous posts as it seems this has been asked before, but I can't find it. also not in the wikis. I am pretty new to arma 3 and try to understand how it all works. But after 2 days of searching I give up. Hope somebody can point me to the right direction. Maybe it's not possible in epoch or in multiplayer... I have no idea. thanks for your time