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  1. Seems like someone has drank the liberal left War propaganda Kool-Aid. Will you be voting for Clinton next? I bet you get your info from CNN/BBC. The Syrian army/Hezbollah fighters are true heroes that are risking their lives to defeat the terrorist scum that have infested Syria. Anyone with half a clue about the conflict knows this. Yes war is morbid but if you can not stomach it then play Minecraft instead? This is a combat game after all, but no one is requesting anything like you are suggesting. A map that is vaguely based on a region of Syria would be sufficient.
  2. We need a Syria map... It does not have to have buildings destroyed!
  3. Making a map for Arma is not as simple as importing a file... It takes a lot of expertise.
  4. How so? People who are requesting a Syria map want one because they support the Syrian Goverment and want to kill the terrorists. I don't think their is anything wrong with wanting to roleplay a war thats currently taking place. I think Syrian people will not mind either if such a map for Arma was made. That's like calling Takistan life morbid for simulating US invasion of Afganistan...
  5. Ichthus

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    I want to use this to make a life server but I have no idea what map to use. It really is a shame there is not one single Syria map for Arma...
  6. Because it's too hard to make for an inexperienced person. I would like a map of Damascus/Jobar district or Latakia/Aleppo.
  7. Can anyone make a map based on a region of Syria? I would be willing to pay for one to be made. My plan is to make a Syria life server.
  8. Ichthus

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Would be awesome if you could update this to include russian forces and if someone could make a map of syria covering Latakia and Aleppo with russian base spawn in Latakia and Isis spawn in Aleppo..
  9. Ichthus

    Soligaming.com Altis Life RP server!

    This isn't going to work.