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  1. MojoQ

    Bug list

    Hi Thales, I've seen that some desync Issues have been addressed in the recent update. Currently I do not have the funds to do many attacks but I'm looking forward to test it :) Thanks for the effort!
  2. MojoQ

    Bug list

    Hi, I guess I found a bug... :) I was going to attack another player. Upon spawning the last of my units, the battle begins and after a second, the screen freezes. I left the phone on for 15 minutes, nothing happened. I restarted AMO, and looked up the battlelog, but it's not there. My units are "not ready", no resources were added to my stash. Here's a screenshot of the frozen game: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzExPX0c_J1VYzNWVmQxYm1vbGM This was the second time that it happens. Sometimes I also have a sync error directly on the start of the battle (happened 3 times). My current force consists of 6 helos and 3 tanks(lvl 2) which sum up to 255000 bucks. Together with the waiting time for the units becoming ready again, that's a tad frustrating :) (I'm still smiling, though ;) ) Is the battle being calculated on the server or on the client device? Maybe the battle could be "repeated" if something goes wrong :) Best Regards, MojoQ
  3. MojoQ

    Couple of problems.

    Hi Thales, I've got two points... 1.) I feel like the "Preferred Target" Radius is too small. When Attacking with a Helicopter, it often generously ignores Defence-Buildings and prioritizes on attacking barracks or HQs (generally speaking: Non-Defence Buildings). 2.) Make more AAA available earlier. People (me too) tend to rush lower players with Helicopters, often 6 or more. It takes very long until you can build more than 2 AAAs, and upgrading them is expensive and time-consuming. Autocannons help a bit, but I never saw that a helo got downed by ACs only. The Missile Launcher is a "bad joke" against helos (Launcher on Level 2 fires 2 times until destroyed by a level 1 helo) Otherwise fine, though I had expected a little more of the tank-drone :) Best Regards, MojoQ BTW: Nice to see you guys are doing fencing and larp too, over there :)
  4. MojoQ

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    I played a few missions with two friends yesterday. Awesome! I really like what you did there, barbolani :) Thanks and keep up the great work :)