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  1. Found one already! Thanks for all the offers though. Looking for... Group from Europe Sessions end before 22:00 (10pm) finnish time (EEST during summer, EET during winter), https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ Relaxed/Semi-realism, mods can be realistic Mods with at least RHS or full CUP, CUP Terrains, ACE & ACRE Teamwork in the group! This is important. Please give me some information about your clan, so i can more easily decide to accept or reject your offer About me Username: TheWaltsu, but just call me Waltsu Age: 16, soon 17 Over 1000 hours of arma experience with ACE & ACRE Languages: Finnish & English Mic: Steelseries Arctis 5 Headset Hardware: Laptop for some time Preferred role(s): Medic, Machine Gunner, Demolitions Specialist Message me here or in Steam
  2. Just tested the mod with ACE, seems to work just fine. Remember to listen to the sounds, they can tell if enemy is dead or unconscious. This mod activates screams only when unit dies.
  3. The sounds in this mod are linked to factions, yes, but we also have generic sounds for custom factions. Also, we are going to add support for different mods at some point.
  4. Having same problem. I think it's just for Altis, but even placed markers doesn't work. How exactly you use whitelisted markers? edit: Or is it because of the old buildings?