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  1. macelupo

    Eurofighter Typhoon AWS

    This is an awsome mod. I really love this plane. You should include a readme text because I have no idea how to use the advanced tgt system. When I click on it in the scroll bar nothing happen. I can not use guided bombs. Can someone help me?
  2. macelupo

    F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    I deleted the old folders and downloaded them again. The same problem. Also the skin system does not work for me. When I click on skin nothing happen. Is it possible that it is not working in the 3D editor? Do I have to use some module in addition?
  3. macelupo

    F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    Difficult because it is just for a few seconds. ...glist select 12 -wiplist 45p = maglist [#] select 13; -wiplist 55p = maglist select...` error nullteiler file fir_f14/sq5\init\web_display.sqf,line18 and file fir_f14/sq5\init\web_display.sqf,line17 There is more but it is to fast to write it down.
  4. macelupo

    F-14 Tomcat Series Standalone

    This is a great mod but I have a lot of problems with it. The vulcan has no ammunition and I can only use a few weapons of the AWS. I have the newest version but it still not works and I get some error message. What could it be?
  5. macelupo

    BHI Mods Discussion thread

    What about warhammer 40k? I really would like something with fat armour suits and some big weapons.