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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Could profanity filter be made for the training and campaign please? I like playing with out the swearing.
  2. DrJamesWhite

    Suggestion about AI for future ArmA games

    Realistic Ai that acts like other players and are not super head shots bots and not scripted 100% to do things. If we like playing with human player then playing with realistic human like AI is the way to go. And you dont need a super computer to run it either. Again games are heading down this road of making complex challenging and fun AI.
  3. DrJamesWhite

    Suggestion about AI for future ArmA games

    You are right rekrul about the Ai in Arma3! ^_^ And in the past there is no other game that can compare with Arma 3 but i think its not about how complex the AI is but improving on it to make it more human like. As future games are heading towards this goal. But the AI is very complex and challenging already in the game. But always good to keep on improving it so you will never really know if your playing a player or not! Its not about making it so it become unbeatable and hit perfect shots. Like thing such as personality in the AI, ranking just creates more realism for the AI. The AI learns from all its experiences! It remembers who it has played and improves! Players learn from the AI and adjust so it only would be fair so the AI lean and adjust to the challenge. Instead of trying different way to beat the Ai an added challenge is put forward. The challenge now is how long can you play with each other and keep winning? As you both are learning and adapting! Who will beat who? :) Is that not something so exciting to look forward too? You need to keep trying new things because old ways will be useless as the Ai will already be prepared for that! Sure its already exciting at the moment but with the thought that each game play is a new learning experience it something more exciting! You can begin lessons to train your army so you really need to keep commanding them every step of the way. They would know how to follow you because they have been training with you for sometime! Anyway if they can learn like a human with realistic sensory inputs instead of going up in percentages then perhaps learning will be more realistic and fair. They can have ranks too and this is all from exp from the game so if they have good head shots its only because they have learnt how to make good head shots and done lots of it to earn their position. These experience could be pass onto other AI individuals to speed up learning process. Each Ai will run as an individual instead of a collective but still obeying orders. This way each learns on their own and go up in rank. So you can have a group of AI with all different styles of play and experience. And this will really diversify the experience even more. This has not been done in a tactical game before. The AI could have a very bad dislike about you and if it sees you will try and do all it can to hunt you down if you annoy it too much! Players could have an option on this so if some dislike it they can play with out it. And with the AI in ARMA 3 RTS games are taking the lead on this and fps games are catching up! Their Ai can learn and store infomation in the cloud server or perhaps on your own comp and use it up when needed! Their Ai is the most exiting compared to most past and current FPS games! They really build tactics and will take you down and learn and adapt! Like there was a situation of this stealth sniper at night gunning down a few AI in ARMA 3. I am not sure what version of the game it was but the AI did not stand a chance with one lone sniper! It seems the Ai were not coordinating properly but in an RTS this would never happen. They could be situations where you need to escape with a few soldiers in the forest where a few elite soldiers are also hunting you down! Be some mission to do! Tracking you down till they kill you because you stole something of theirs! So there is always room for more improvement! :D And you wont need two types of AI if the Ai becomes very realistic like other players. They can carry out commands on their own because they have their own squad. And if you have Ai with your group and your leader or higher ranking you can command them to do certain things. You wont need to micro manage them also when AI know what to do because of training as explain above. Just like in reality how its done. Here some facts about DNA! With odds standing at 1 chance in 10164 of finding a functional protein among the possible 150-amino-acid compounds, the probability is 84 orders of magnitude (or powers of ten) smaller than the probability of finding the marked particle in the whole universe! - Stephen Meyer
  4. DrJamesWhite

    Suggestion about AI for future ArmA games

    Some info to help improve the AI for Arma III http://www.gamesradar.com/why-next-gen-horsepower-needs-power-ai-not-scripted-spectacle/