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  1. Arma 3 Paradise Project RPG Mission Project. Virtual Reality Gaming at its Best. Who We Are: Arma 3 Paradise is a group of developers and Arma 3 players dedicated to great and improve Arma 3 missions to make the game even more enjoyable. We are currently working on a developmental project to create a new realism gameplay. If you have played any Life series missions in Arma 2 or Arma 3, we have upgraded to the next level. Our project is set to release in 2017, keep up with the latest developments on our website. What to Look Forward To: One of the largest map on Arma 3 Modeled after real islands with accurate highways/roads Custom buildings all enter-able and modeled after real life buildings Custom vehicles Custom skins Custom missions How To Get Involved: If you would like to become a staff member, visit this page to sign up: http://arma3paradise.com/staff-application/ If you do not want to become staff and want to join the community, we are limiting access to our servers through a one time payment access. Pricing to be announced. We also have supporter packages for people interested in getting early release and perks for the mission(still pending Bohemia Interactive approval). Staff Outlook: Our main outlook is for our Technical and Marketing Department. All other applications will be put on hold. Join Us Today! www.arma3paradise.com TeamSpeak:
  2. Okay. I found one with these specs. How many servers approximately, can i host? Intel i7-4790K 4cores/8threads 4.0 / 4.4 GHz Frequency 32 GB of RAM DDR3 1333 MHz 240GB SSD
  3. I am planning to get a dedicated server with these specs: Intel Xeon E3 4cores/8threads 3.4 / 3.8 GHz Frequency 32 GB of RAM DDR3 ECC 1600 MHz 2TB HDD How many servers can I host if each server were to hold 60-100 players on a medium/large scale mission. How much resource does each server take up or should be saved for best efficiency.
  4. I am looking for some assistance in a island map I am trying to build. I need help with placing long and tall bridges, placing buildings, etc. The map is about 200 squared km. It contains 5 big cities and a bunch of other small cities and major highways and many residential streets and dirt roads. I am using generic Arma 3 buildings, however, I would like to include custom buildings into the map in the future. I am not highly skilled in building maps yet so I am looking for any help that people can give me. Things I am looking for: - "architects" : building designers - (creating custom enter-able houses, shops, gas stations, high rises) - roads expert - (someone to help place all the roads and possible integrate tunnels) - terrain expert - (someone to help in the creation of the terrain and modify it as new changes are needed) - designers - (someone to create custom street signs and other miscellaneous object for the map). If anyone can help me, please PM me
  5. hardcode

    Terrain Underground complexes?

    I am looking for something similar to this. I am building a terrain that includes a huge mountain and I want to make a road tunnel straight through the mountain to allow a less steeper curve to get to the top. How should I go about doing this? Real-life example: http://www.fix.net/wreil/Gran-Sasso-Mountain-Tunnel.jpg
  6. I would rebuild your P drive. I had this problem but it resolved itself after i uninstalled and reinstalled the P drive. Also, check your directory and make sure your files are placed in the correct location. your layers.cfg should be placed in the source folder
  7. This looks amazing. I'll be sure to try it out.