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  1. Hi, I have John Spartans F-18E, which is an amazing mod. But my problem is whenever I try to use the weapons configuration, it just wont show up in the menu, I get eject, get out, and all the other ones except the weapon menu. I have had it work for me before but for some reason it wont now, and I can't figure out why, can someone help me? Thanks, Madcopterpilot1
  2. Madcopterpilot1

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I did that and it still has not saved my ACE settings, I have staying brass set, and the interaction menu key set as right windows and both are not working. Also, I do not get an engage eject option or eject option, it took those away when I installed ACE. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  3. Madcopterpilot1

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Hey, I am having a problem with ACE2. So I tried to install this mod and I thought I had it installed, but every time I try to save the key assignments in the ACE settings in game it gives me this message, ACE settings saved... Please save them from the clipboard into \userconfig\ACE\settings.ace, or use the ACE Clippy tool. I can't figure out what to do here and it keeps getting rid of the settings, so do you have any sugestions? Also I cannot eject from crashing jets which is quite annoying, and I have tried to set key assignments for the eject key and as soon as I try to eject using that key, it will not work, can you help me with this as well? Also every time I try to go to the settings in notepad, i get a blank page with no settings actually saved onto it. Thanks, Madcopterpilot1
  4. Madcopterpilot1

    Arma 2 OA isn't installing

    I am having the same problem with mine, and I tried the fix, but it didn't work. Any other suggestions?