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  1. Greetings, I'm making a headgear addon (already my 3d one) and all of a sudden I'm experiencing a problem: I've made a model, made .p3d file, created all necessary selections (as in my previous addons which were okay, after experiencing the problem I tried binarizing the previous models again and got the problem which I hadn't had before), assigned textures, made the modelconfig, binarized it, made the cfgWeapons class, the headgear item is present in game, but when I put the headgear on the player it's not visible at all, no shadows or anything. And it's not the "autocenter" problem. However, when I take off the item and put it on the ground, the model is visible, everything's fine, with all textures. I suspect it has something to do with the updates (the mods I made earlier, in May-September 2015 were fine) but not really sure. UPDATE: nevermind, please remove this thread. I apologize for posting it here, already found the problem -- good old "model" instead of the "uniformModel" fail :(
  2. bespalevnost

    Helmet Addon will not Display

    Hi, I'm having similar problem, maybe even the same, could you please tell me if you managed to solve it and if you did the way it can be fixed?
  3. bespalevnost

    TRYK's Multi-Play Uniforms

    Probably in vain, but still will give it a try... I'd like to ask to take one your model to be used in my UAF mod, the thing is that my mod itself will weight something like 1 GB itself + dependent on RHS addons, so if I add yours to mandatory dependencies it's gonna end up being too heavy, when in fact I only need one model (hooded jacket + OPFOR pants with kneepads one) to retexture it with our new army camo pattern (of course I will share the textures I'll make for your model with you if you agree, though it's probably not that interesting for your mod :( ) so having this exact model separately in the addon would be great to reduce the disk space necessary to use my stuff. However I understand that asking something like this is kinda too much and everything, just giving it a try to have an excuse before guys who're waiting for the addon, sorry for wasting your time and everything. PS: and thank you for your mod, it's really great, we use your stuff for multiplayer scenarios all the time.
  4. bespalevnost

    Uniform Workflow

    Indeed I did not. Thank you very much for your answer, I'll try weighting it now ( I read some tutorial about moving ArmA 2 models into ArmA 3, and didn't notice anything about weighting there -_-). Sorry for asking (as it turns out) stupid questions.
  5. bespalevnost

    Uniform Workflow

    Eh... excuse me for writing here, I can't start a new topic since I'm newbie here, but I have a question regarding the uniform modelling. I've been googling about it for a week already, but still haven't find the exact problem I'm having. I tried making my own uniform, just for training, placing it over the character example model, but failed at that completely, so decided to train on the ArmA 2 models first. I took Bardak's uniform model (with all selections and stuff), but only the uniform mesh, no proxies, nothing invisible or anything, copy pasted and placed it over the character template model, aligned it by the hands vertices, so the points seem to be one over another (however after certain zoom the selection I'm moving simply stops to be shown for some reason), removed the template hands and legs, wrote the proper modelconfig, but result was somewhat weird: hands get strecthed (sometimes, with different positioning there are somewhat similar problems with elbows for example) here's what I'm talking about (nevermind the wrong textures, they're not significant here): So after getting this problem I began playing around with character example model (it's fine when I do everything the same with its model only) -- I placed it in a bit different position and it gets distorted in similar way I guess : Playing around I found that moving in different directions gives the different versions of this error. So, as far as I understand the problem is with the positioning of the model in O2/Object builder, but I can't understand within which borders I'm able to make my models not to get everything distorted like in example with Bardak's fatigues. Is there any way to automatically position the models right not to get everything distorted? Because when importing from fbx or obj (the only formats I'm able to export my models correctly) the models are missplaced and I have to move them over the character example model manually, like I did with the Bardak's uniform (which had correct selections and weights, I guess) and the result is bad.