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    Issues to add external library objects to my terrain

    Well i talk the issue with frien and told me you need to unpack all Pbos from the AIA folder less who start with AIA_ and next copy to in a new CA folder in P: drive , next you follow the standard proedure ( copy the class off every object you add in your terrain in required addons line in your config.cpp) I will try if work and i answer any news.
  2. asterionx2@hotmail.com

    Issues to add external library objects to my terrain

    yes I stop with my terrain development right now because i need AIA addons and i cant make their objects work with the traditional way , out there its a lot of terrain and stuff with AIA. I wander where they get info or tutorial how to use this pack? , or how can i make this work?
  3. asterionx2@hotmail.com

    Issues to add external library objects to my terrain

    I get to make work Jbad buildings but my terrain its european green terrain and and Jbad dont look well , I still without make work AIA buildgins on my terrain they dont appear on my terrain. what could i do? thanks
  4. Hello I wonder how can i add AIA objets or Jbad buildings objects to my terrain , I depbo buildings.pbo included in AIA folder and i add to P: next i open the Buildings config and copy the class to my terrain config and i added to required addons line requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Data_F","A3_Roads_F","A3_Structures_F","A3_Map_Data","A3_Map_Stratis","jbad_Structures","AiA_Buildings_Data"}; I load the the library on my terrainbuilder and i add the objects but AIA objects look like in black without textures and when i pack my terrain and load on Arma3 buildings dont appear and in the editor appear the next message: cant open buildings.p3d i cant find more tutorials on youtube to explain me another way and i dont know what more i need to add external libraries and make them work on Arma3. Im really stuck in my terrain development with this problem , i will glad if someone can give some hand on this. thanks
  5. asterionx2@hotmail.com

    clutters and surface problem ( i dont have grass on my terrain)

    Thanks Xnam , now its working at end , now i can continue with the development of my terrain.
  6. Hello Im working in my first terrain for Arma3 , based in Copehill Uk Area. I wonder what is wrong with my config , or clutters and cfgsurface config to grass dont appear in my terrain. My terrain its completely without grass ingame. Im packing with Mikeros pboproject and i dont have error messages when im packing. I try everything but all look like its normal in configs. here i left my files , please i will glad if someone can give me hand on this. Config.cpp Layers.cfg cFgClutter.hpp: CfgSurfaces.hpp: here i left some screenshoot of my folders and ingame terrain: thanks