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  1. Last time i played the mission, if i remember right i killed the at guys in the town and stole a titan launcher, then i stole a car and rushed back to the outpost. The titan helped me to quickly dispose of the strider and the VTC
  2. charge

    ION Services?

    Yes but do you know why they are there, what's their role in a3 campaign?
  3. charge

    ION Services?

    Today I was playing again the ending of Win, I noticed that in the airport there are some guys with guns and a cap with the "ION" word written (probably they are a kind of PMC). Is not the first time that i see that cap, I saw it while I was exploring near the northern coast in bomos exploration, on a dead guy near a wreck of a ship and close to a CTRG crate, so my question is: what's they're role in the campaign?