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  1. This is just a guess, but on the transition between lods, which sometimes gives the impression of being in operation flashpoint, with some plans alphas as a foliage, I think this is the result of non-implementation Direct x 12 (I understand why this was not done and it's just an observation).


    Therefore, I also believe that drastic choices had to be made to preserve the playability (fps) and the polycount budget has probably been downgraded and many, in my opinion.


    Similarly, the quality of textures, card nohq seeming absent on certain trees (in fact, those who often come in large numbers?), Accentuates the impression of "back" and probably be impresion among trees created for ofp play.


    Attention, it is not an easy criticism, especially as I also am of vegetation and I can not rate fps as important as that of tanoa, because I chose to keep quality textures, independently of falling fps that it causes, but it is true that I'm not chained to a particular graphic as a studio is mandatory.


    All this sobering course and I wonder how I personally do to reach a good compromise, while realizing that this should not be simple or easy.


    I remember hearing about a technique dating an old game (il2, I think), to represent the depth of the vegetation from above, by superimposing multiple alpha channels on the ground, much like the last lods your trees, but on the scale of a large grove, or even a portion of forest.

    The few vertical planes for representing the trunks with the foliage portion on the same axis, were prepared individually to correspond to the location which were their intersecting horizontal alphas layers.

    (Today it would be a weight of paint that would organize it more quickly).


    I do not know if this technique could be applied to trees from a height view, but it would probably more intermediate lods for smooth transitions, independently of other blend techniques.


    Or apply this idea to a group of plants of the first tropical layer: that of the soil, which also means to keep the logic groves, rather than making Number of single plant, or even a mix of both.


    To clarify my idea would be like your version ATLIS groves of reeds, but mixed with more polygonal 3d: I tried this on my level and it works well visually, provided to treat the arrangement plans 2d 3d with the pure and allows significant savings of resources and thus fps.


    Well, I'm not saying that I know the ideal solution, nor that I am "the best": this is absolutely not my purpose, which delivers unpretentious few ideas that come to me when I walk through the beautiful island of tanoa;


    I also keep in mind that this is still largely the WIP.

  2. @Rakad


    When I take screens, as a general rule is to evaluate my work on textures, ingame, because bulldozer gives no satisfactory indication.
    As a rule also, I keep my job open software, "below" and it is, at minimum, gimp, blender and sometimes substance painter, who, like all those who use this kind of software, know that it takes a lot of resources.
    I find it strange that you do is not come to mind: yet you seem very out of you, but obviously this has escaped you. :)
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  3. @fallujahmedic(fm)


    Indeed, quite agree with you: the atmosphere is a set that encompasses many different components and the vegatation and the architecture are often linked.

    Similarly, I think that yes, there are some stunning visuals in games, but not enough to make a good play.
    The problem, in my view, not from the environment, but the gameplay (it cites no game, not to make controversy, but I think you will understand what I mean), which renews absolutely not.
    And that is what causes this disastrous mess of printing: why have such beautiful decorative graphic elements, which are constantly adapted, embellished, thanks to the release of dedicated software on the painting in 3D, for example (no name ... ^^) if it is to be used consistently with gameplay that boils without carricaturer, destroy without nuance or scenario.
    And with the constant progress in terms of visual, the gap is widening more and more.
    The look "realistic" of gameplay arma3 mitigates this, fortunately, and that's what made me decide, after having tried the CryENGINE, EU4, I preferred to do all this in arma3 because, I think it has potential which could enable it to break even this vicious circle.
    I do not really know what it would like ingredients (a return to a well-crafted campaign, but not only focused on military matters, with more "adventure"?), But I know which ones to avoid take ... ^^
    What I mean, in the end it is the immersion through a balanced set
    and that the armed game engine is a field where we can achieve this, sometimes despite the constraints of the engine.
    Sorry for the off topic section, but I think that the problems related to the creation of structures and vegetation is still present :).
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  4. @bad benson


    Yes, on Skype, there's more than a year, but they were not as advanced. :)


    I had undertaken it before knowing the HIP mod, but they can use it, day or it will release (if they wish, as there will also tanoa of vegetation).


    So I would give them one day, but only when they are completed, ie, currently, when lods have been optimized (perfectionism, yes), but also when "bis" will be released tanoa and (hopefully) a sample of a tree with the necessary lods to simulate the coverage provided by the dense foliage, to disappear in the eyes of other people / bots / players.


    But these are mere suppositions, which can not be verified before long.



    Regarding the performance related to a virtual world representing the rainforest, I think the answer will come from both the development team of the game engine, which suggests that the new version of Direct X will do wonders, but also in how to achieve this vegetation in its lods away, obviously, but also in the design of the foliage and the representation of fairly dense thickets, with polygons economy;


    Personally, subject to optimize a vegetation of this type, in order to truly represent the green hell, fascinates me and makes me do a lot of experiments, research, comparisons with other game engines, to other representations of other environmental artists (I had to exhaust the subject and myself ^^).

    I noticed and that might be one reason why the vegetation is not attracting many creators on arma3, that representation is not easy transitions between lods, especially with a game engine which brightness varies often, is a real headache.


    Examples of tree samples of "bis", are very useful for understanding the creative process, but I think (sorry, but it is a constructive criticism), too polygons and whose base of leaves on the card diffuse does not cover enough surface, relative to the hardwood mass of the tree.


    Therefore, the polygon cost rises at breakneck speed in order to achieve the desired visual form. (@ Bis environment artist: you have the right to get off my work to the Kalashnikov, I would not say anything ...)


    For cons, the last lods of trees on ATLIS / stratis are really very well thought out and the making of 3 vertical planes (and therefore three different planar textures), instead of the usual two, can rotate the object without a "fracture" with other visual lods.


    So much for this long post that still remains on the original subject, since talks creation of vegetation.

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    i have not seen anyone create vegetation since A2 days.

    The mod "hell in the pacific", over arma3 I made everything about the palm trees,
    Still on arma3 also tropical greenery, not completely finished, but well advanced.
    some examples :
    I can not end this now, because I'm too busy with the creation of the mod "face of war", but I think one day optimize this and probably make it public.
    While the creation of vegetation is time consuming, but provides a great pleasure to its realization, much more, in my case, the design of a weapon.
    For a long time I dream of doing a complete environment (vegetation, rocks, surprising decorative elements, etc.) in accordance with the rise of arma 3 game engine and I think that after the WW2, the time will come to realize this kind of project.
    I tried the CryENGINE, which, at the time, there are about two years, allowed to make beautiful natural environments, but I see the shaders and opportunities arma3 with more and more interest and if the developers, with the arrival of tanoa, allowed us to make rivers, waterfalls, I do not ask more ... (we can dream, right ^^!);
    The modding on arma3 focuses mainly on the contents of the original game, ie a war game, but I think he is "ready" to upholster another form of creation and in any case, I continue looking for what I can do with differently.
    The land created by Bushlurker have always made me want to populate them with vegetation which invented from scratch.
    A new world, with a pandora style vegetation, for example? :)
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    Assuming that each potential player on arma 3 is a historian who does not know yet, but finds out, as struck by lightning, in his first game with the ww2 characters I created, and rather than pay attention to virtual bullets at risk of "killing" at any time, he will prefer to detail the number, shape and brand of the manufacturer of buttons that adorn the jacket of the character he plays, or those at his side.


    It is true that the game engine is a repulsive ugliness, gameplay deep trouble and the developers of the vanilla game uncultivated in communication and creation.

    Therefore, it is better, in fact, focus on those details that really change all that make a rainy day, a sunny day.


    And everyone, with a historian luggage will become a top game gamer.

    I think he will soon be required to have a diploma historian pocket, to play now, so that nothing but then nothing, will not slip through the net, without the Police historians (in uniform made on purpose for them, which he is sure no regulatory button), not put barriers to restore the historical,

    extremely precise and documented according to the rules established by those who recommended them ....


    Only voila, time or I'm doing 3D, we do not care of it all, they were content to play, then when the developers have given us tools for modding (I drink coffee for their health, for this historic day, too), we embellish the game with our own achievements, always fun and relaxation (heyday).


    We wont let it does not try to make things resembling or so near, but without taking the head or hair cut into four pieces.


    Moreover, it is the artistic talent that has awakened in every modder, at that time and experience were numerous, unequal probably not very historically accurate as well, but were good fun and the creation, by definition does not necessarily mean photographic precision, simply because the camera is provided for this.


    I think you do the confusion of genres that are not necessarily antagonistic, but not necessarily welded to one another, at least for a modder who does and gives players free content.


    If I wanted to make extréme precision for content for a documentary, for example, then yes, you would have absolutely right to talk as you do on my work.

    But this is not the case and I did not wait thy coming, or that of another, to create American soldiers on "ironfront" for arma3 and I personally have had no return (except yours soon, no doubt), and said he lacked a regulatory yaw to the left shoe of the character, or any other such observations.


    Just because it is not that expected by the players (as mentioned earlier in this post).


    Personally I like my characters well and this is the main for me that ais delighted to shape, texturing, sculpting the model in high definition, etc.


    They do not like you?


    It is your right and I do not force you to play with, no more than I ask you to do the historian of my creations that do not try to pierce the ceiling.

    If they appeal so much better if they do not like, it's okay.


    I did a bit Carboniferous environment, relying on a very precise documentation and relayed by people who are experts and there, indeed, a serious game to educational commitment, it is necessary to be specific because the public is not the same and not the same expectations as one who plays arma 3.


    I will not answer each of your post very aggressive, simply because I have better things to do by creating, but I still wanted to make my own contribution to bie nfaire understand my point of view.


    After, you do what you want ...

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  7. There will be additions to items of clothing, whenever the mod will increase to higher.


    I discovered the English part I do not know and I have to say I am impressed with all that existed at that time for that faction.

    The ancestor of modern bags, assault vests, all the commandos part, the Tam O 'Shanter, etc, are very promising in original creation.


    So yes, there will be variety, but not a single output. :)

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  8. No problem with this kind of purely technical questions: the uniform textures are all in 2048/2048.


    But I think the optimization models for performance are not limited to the texture size, but also a good degression / decimation 3d between each level of detail, which helps relieve processors so they can calculate something else, such as scripts, for example.
    Ww2 of the operation theaters are more realistic when they are densely populated and for that, any kind of optimization is worth taking.
    This is not because the game engine allows for weapons whose first lod contains 20,000 polygons, it must systematically go through it: a little logic does not hurt anyone and each weapon or character must be thought rendering in terms designed to not hurt the eyes, knowing that the eye does not look all the same way, with the same intensity and which can thus cheat on parts.
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