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  1. So I've just re-installed Arma3 and am dipping my toes thrusting my bayonet into the campaign missions again, and I noticed that in Drawdown 2035 - just before getting in to the truck to head to Kamino - Adams radio's Lacey and asks him to follow in another vehicle, and again when waiting at the AAF checkpoint Adams cautions Lacey about the greenbacks having a stick up their ass. I parked the truck and waited five minutes just past that checkpoint but Lacey never turns up, so is he supposed to follow or rendezvous with us or is this how the game's supposed to play out? **Update** - Scripted this way as I'm on to the next mission and they're both having a walkie-talkie conversation about how Lacey got separated
  2. Had a quick look for similar issues already posted but I couldn't find anything so here goes... My campaign won't resume from it's correct save point. What I mean is that I finished the first mission from Camp Maxwell (Blackfoot down? Recover medic, blow up chopper), returned to Camp Maxwell, and it's here that I logged off last night. I've tried to resume the mission this morning, and I'm taken way back to the very beginning of the campaign (disembark from chopper at Rogain, get in the truck with Adams etc.). Is there a fix for this please?
  3. dutch

    Please help me guys. Im very stuck

    So skipping through to hooking up with your squad...
  4. dutch

    Bingo Fuel is impossible?

    Took me a few attempts yesterday but I was able to get through it will a full squad left at the end, so I'll lay out how I managed it.